Hunt Country Finger Lakes New York

Hunt Country Finger Lakes New York

Hunt Country Mixed 6-Pack
$84.99 (Normally $120.94) 30% off List Price
2007 Vignoles Late Harvest 375ml
2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine 375ml
NV Cream Sherry 500ml
2010 Valvin Muscat 750ml
2010 Pinot Gris 750ml
NV Dolce di Moscato 750ml

Hunt Country Mixed 3-Pack
$57.99 (Normally $76.97) 25% off List Price
2007 Vignoles Late Harvest 375ml
2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine 375ml
NV Cream Sherry 500ml

Hunt Country Mixed 6-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $114.94) 30% off List Price
2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine 375ml
2 2010 Valvin Muscat 750ml
NV Dolce di Moscato 750ml
2 2010 Pinot Gris 750ml

Hunt Country Mixed White Case
$122.99 (Normally $175.88) 30% off List Price
4 2010 Valvin Muscat 750ml
4 NV Dolce di Moscato 750ml
4 2010 Pinot Gris 750ml
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I bought the vignoles and ice wine when it was offered “a long time ago”. The ice wine was wonderful, not as syrupy as other ice wine.

The vignoles was not my favorite. I have had a few others from the Finger Lakes. While it was still tasty, it was not as good as the ice wine. Not sure if that is a fair comparison.


Question for the winemaker: Is there a difference between Vidal and Vidal Blanc grapes? If not, why are you specifying Vidal Blanc on your wines? Thanks!

Last Fall, we had a Buffalo/WNY Woot gathering in the Finger Lakes and we stopped in at Hunt Country. We had a very nice pre-arranged tour of the facilities and a very nice tasting opportunity in the tasting room. Typically, I prefer reds, but whites and dessert wines do have a place in my life. I really like the wines from Hunt Country. They craft their wines with care. Be bold. Give 'em a try!

The Late Harvest Vignoles is not nearly as sweet as the Ice Wine and also retails for half the price. I’m a big fan of both wines and Hunt Country in general.

I just bought a mixed case from them a couple weeks ago but in for more to support their presence on woot!

I’m a case club member at their winery, and I like their wine a lot. I’m not sure if they ever stop here to check the forums, but I will put bahwm’s question on their facebook site.

Here is the answer: It is the same grape. Saying Vidal Blanc is like giving the first and last name of a person. Thanks for your interst!!!

I just moved to Iowa from New York. Sad to see they don’t ship here. I will miss their wines.

I live in the Finger Lakes.
I drink this wine.
I love my life.

Awesome to see some NY wines here. I’d like to throw a request for some Finger Lakes rieslings into the magic request hat.

Hi Bahwm!
Vidal and Vidal Blanc are the same grape. Vidal Blanc is the official name. The grape was developed in France in the 1930s by Jean Louis Vidal, and is a favorite of genuine icewine producers like ourselves, because of its cold weather hardiness and ability to produce great natural acidity and sweetness.
– Jim Alsina, HCV

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the winery tour (I’m one of the guides…!)

Dear ChipGreen,
Thanks so much … your support is very much appreciated!!
– Jim Alsina, HCV

I’m so sorry about that! We have petitioned the State of Iowa to waive the $5,000 bond requirement, which would cost us $500/year, too much for a little winery like us, but so far no luck. We do ship to some of your neighbors – Illinois, Minnesota and Missouri – might you have a Woot-friend or -relative there who could Woot for you? :wink:


Dear Dah7m,
Thanks! I wish we had enough Riesling to be able to offer some to Wooters. It’s on my wish list, too!
— Jim Alsina, HCV

Hey Jim! Thanks for answering my questions and popping on the boards. I believe that you were our guide that beautiful day in October! Good to see you around. Maybe we’ll get a chance to see you again before the snows fly! :slight_smile:

Did someone say Finger Lakes?

One of the “mixed six packs” only features five wines in the description and the photo only shows five bottles.

I know Cesare says two, but how many bottles of the Valvin Muscat are in the pack that includes the following?

1 icewine
X Muscat(s)
1 Dolce di Muscato
2 Pinot Gris

It’s the difference between whether I pull the trigger or not…