Hunt Country Finger Lakes New York

Hunt Country Mixed 6-Pack
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Hunt Country Mixed 3-Pack
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Hunt Country Mixed 6-Pack
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Hunt Country Mixed White Case
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38 bottles of Hunt Country wines in my cellar (plus 12 consumed), so I guess you could call me a fan. :wink:

While I have enjoyed some more than others, I’ve never met a Hunt Country wine that I didn’t like. The QPR of their wines is hard to beat, even before WD works his magic with them. Not only that but Jim Hunt usually throws in a generous coupon for a future direct order, especially for wooters.

I was fortunate to visit them in person last October. Sadly, nobody was available to give us a tour but we greatly enjoyed our “chocolate & wine” tasting.

Their Vidal Blanc Ice Wine is famous for good reason - it’s delicious! However, my personal favorite is the Late Harvest Vignoles. It makes the mouth come alive with tropical fruit flavors that explode on the palate with sweet-tart goodness!

The Cream Sherry is a unique and tasty fortified wine that works equally well as an apertif or after-dinner drink. It’s a little creamy and a little nutty with raisins on the palate and some caramel notes in the background.

As for the Valvin Muscat, just try not to say “Wow!” when you take your first whiff. Then enjoy the smooth deliciousness of this fragrant and flavorful semi-sweet wine.

I’ve not yet tried the Pinot Gris or the Dolce di Moscato but I will rectify that by getting one of the 6-pack deals within the next few days once I unlock free shipping,

Hi Wooters, this is Jim from Hunt Country Vineyards. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have about these Woots or our winery.

Hi ChipGreen, I’m sorry you missed taking a winery tour last time. Please email me ( the next time you’re going to be in the area, and I’ll make sure we can take you for a spin around the place. Thanks for your nice comments about the wines … very much appreciated! The minerality of our Pinot Gris makes it perfect for smoked salmon, shellfish, or other dishes which call for a less fruit-forward wine (is fruit-backward a word?). It’s finished in the French style: more austere than most Pinot Grigios. The Dolce di Moscato is a delicious blend of Valvin Muscat (floral notes) and Vignoles (vibrant citrus and pineapple), great with spicy foods – try a curry with raisins and almonds – or well-chilled as a refreshing summer wine. I hope you enjoy them!

I’ll definitely be in on the mixed 6 later this week as well. Been wanting to try a lot of these for awhile now, and variety 6 pack seems like just the way to go. I do have a bottle of the Late Harvest Vignoles that I got from Chip, and he shared a bottle of the regular Vignoles (not offered) here at a gathering last year, which I very much enjoyed. Not a big Pinot Grigio fan, but the suggested pairing of smoke salmon seems like a perfect challenge for the smoker I got for Christmas and have yet to use.

I’m a huge sherry fan. I’ve never had a domestic “sherry” before, though. That’s really the only bottle that I’d buy (I’m not supposed to be buying anything this month) so if anyone in my area doesn’t want the sherry, Ill take it.

You’ve been saying that for several months now, and have bought considerably more than I have in that time frame! Might as well buy this too.

Are you in California? The Sherry is the one dessert I have doubts on.

I’m in So Cal.

This time is different. :wink:

You should buy the 3-pack and get Klez to go in for the Ice Wine, then you can both share the guilt of breaking your SIWBMs while justifying it at the same time since you’re splitting the deal. Not that I’m trying to be an enabler or anything…

Thanks, I will be sure to get in touch the next time we are out that way (hopefully soon!).
Appreciate the notes on the Pinot Gris and Dolce di Moscato, looking forward to trying them both.

Kinda bummed that the winery’s website says they can ship to Wisconsin but woot says they can’t.

I think I’m going to take a chance and see if I like the Sherry…if you end up with ice wine that you don’t know what to do with I can for sure take it off your hands. I get down to LA from time to time.

Hi Bugsmasher,
I will check into this with the Woot guys and let you know!

Whatever you did made it so us cheeseheads can order now too. Thanks!

Dang it - my SIWBM may come to an early end, as tends to happen around here. Those dessert wines look wonderful, and I feel a need to support Finger Lakes producers (being from western New York, despite now living in South Dakota).

And, now that I look at it, the 6-pack looks like an even better deal. As long as the WBM is going to die, it might as well do so in a big way. An order will be placed 'ere long.

I spent 35 years in the Finger Lakes (Canandaigua) & have had many a bottle of Hunt Country in that time.

When I saw this today I about hurt myself because I do so miss the flavors of upstate NY whites.

Very different. Very unique. Different mineral composition, different sweetness levels.
Not at all like a west coast or European white, just a character of it’s own. I’ll just say “Try it. You’ll like it”

Just my $0.02
Now excuse me as I fire up the credit card

It was just a slip of the finger … the Woot guys took care of it in a jiffy!