Hunt Country Mix (4)

Hunt Country Mix 4-Pack
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2013 Late Harvest Vignoles, 375ml
2013 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, 375ml
NV Ruby Port, 500ml
NV Cream Sherry, 500ml
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I looked up the recipe for the bread pudding mentioned in the write-up. I’m not sure I get it, but my wife will go BONKERS over it. I’ll try to struggle through putting together a tolerable rendition of it for her upcoming birthday.

Guess that means I have to order the wine to go along with it…

I’m in.

These are all delicious! Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys dessert and/or ice wines.

I’ve ordered the ice and late harvest a few times before my state got buzz killed. Good stuff and I’ve said before it reminds me of cotton candy in a glass.

Hello Wooters! This is Jim from Hunt Country Vineyards. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about this Woot or our winery. The four wines in this Woot are produced in different ways. We are the nation’s oldest producer of genuine Ice Wine. We delay harvest of our Vidal Blanc grapes until the winter, hoping for a cold snap of 10-15 degrees F (usually in December). We hand-pick the grapes and press them at that temperature. The icy part of the grapes stays in the press, and a syrupy juice, extremely sweet and rich in flavor, trickles out. We ferment that juice over months with special yeast to make our Vidal Blanc Ice Wine. Our last few vintages have been 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2013. Conditions in the other years just weren’t good! For Late Harvest Vignoles, we need healthy growth on our Vignoles grapes of a prized fungus called “botrytis”, which shrivels the grapes, thereby concentrates the flavors and sweetness of the juice. Ruby Port starts with a rich base of red wines, that we spike with 190+ proof neutral grape spirits (distilled). Cream Sherry is also fortified (spiked), but the wine is a blend of mainly white wines, and it is first heated to caramelize the natural sugars. Both our fortified wines are wonderful winter drinks, like wine liqueurs!

Terrific … so glad you found the recipe! It is not an easy recipe but the pudding is out of this world!

Welcome back, Chipgreen, and thanks for the kind words!

Ugh. What state, Xdavex?

I hate to contradict Jim of Hunt Country Wines, but the recipe is relatively simple. There are 4 ingredients, and one of those is bread… so it’s hardly complicated. It’s also delicious. Make sure you use a high quality, DENSE white bread, and as with all custards, you need to put the pan in a hot water bath in the oven so the bottom of the custard doesn’t cook too quickly.

Anyway, I can comment on the ice wine, as we’ve sampled the 2013 vintage. If you’re a dry wine lover, be prepared for something at the other end of the spectrum. This wine is sweet, syrupy, and redolent of raisins; it just takes a moment or two to recalibrate your taste buds. I’d suggest sampling whatever you’re having for dessert first, then try the wine. Just my $.02

Nice to see Jim here. On frigid (9 degrees) day in Minnesota, Ice Wine sounds appropriate! In for two.

Last wooter to woot:cynthylee

Our senses know what to expect when we taste most sweet foods and drinks, so we’re not often surprised. Our Vidal Blanc Ice Wine is half as sweet as chocolate, one-third as sweet as jam or maple syrup, yet even with its beautiful natural acidity, many people are surprised to taste ice wine for the first time. kjc5050 makes a great suggestion to try the dessert first! Genuine ice wine is an amazing experience to drink with a fine dessert.

Aw, Jim, you’re killin’ me here! Still not shipping to KS, but teasing me with the dream of what might be.

I don’t suppose you can call it grape juice and then ship a pack to me? wink wink grin


Great wines for sipping. I’m in for 2! Again!
This vineyard is a GREAT place to visit when you are in upstate NY. VERY friendly staff, beautiful vistas. Take a tour, and you’ll be amazed at how down to earth their production and people are. As I stroll the vineyard, I think what it must be like to pick grapes by hand, frozen, and walk over to where they do the mashing, frozen. This are a good price when you see the labor of love that goes into these bottles. I surprise my friends when we open a bottle. They know I’m not a sweet wine person, but these are remarkable.

Awesome review.

We’re saving our pennies for the license for KS!

Thanks so much for the kind words! It never ceases to amaze me how the explosion of flavors in our ice wine can come from a simple grape. I guess we shouldn’t forget the secret ingredients: the Finger Lakes terroir, chiseling out the press with frozen hands, a lot of luck, years of experience (i.e. learning the hard way), etc. It’s been fun!

Nice wines. i picked up a four pack when they were up in May. Different vintage of Late Harvest & Ice Wine. We met Jim a few years ago. Definitely a fun place. :slight_smile:

I know. But it’s hard reading how much everyone likes this variety pack, and not being able to order it myself.

Just promise me that you’ll celebrate your KS license by offering this on woot!–please!


If the Woot guys will have us again, I’d love to do it!