Hunt Country Mix (4)

From the maker of this wine:

Hi Wooters! I’m Jim, general manager of Hunt Country Vineyards. I would be happy any questions you might have about this unique Woot offer – a favorite of our customers over the past 2 years!

Awesomeness! I’d been camping out wine.woot specifically waiting for a dessert wines. Not that I don’t enjoy regular wines, too, but we already have plenty of those, plus I don’t generally feel like buying multiple of the same bottle, even if it is great. Good dessert wines, though, those disappear like that in this house.

Hunt Country’s ice wine does seem to have gotten quite a lot of excellent reviews, and I’m all about ice wines, so I’m quite looking forward to trying this.

Granted, also looking forward to the others, too, though the other 3 look like they retail for only about as much as we’re paying for them. Still, basically comes to half-off a 40 dollar ice wine plus free shipping on that and 3 others? Sign me up. (Well, you don’t actually have to sign me up, I already just signed myself up.)

Bonus: I’ve always wanted to try a cream sherry, but I’ve never actually seen a good one to try. Now I get to. :slight_smile:

Sad I missed out on this, hope I catch it next time!!! Work got too busy towards the end of my shift :frowning: