Hunt Country Mixed 3-Pack

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Hunt Country Mixed 3-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $76.97) 29% off List Price
2007 Vignoles Late Harvest 375ml
2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine 375ml
NV Cream Sherry 500ml
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Thanks for not shipping to Iowa–saved me $115.

Has anyone had these and can offer tasting notes? I don’t remember seeing these offered before.

Had all 3 and the only one I liked was the ice wine. That is not to say the other aren’t good, it just means I did not like them.

Unfortunately I do not have notes on them. After later trying numerous other Vignoles from other vineyards, I found that I do not like the varietal, regardless of it is late harvest or not.
The Sherry is wicked sweet, which was to be expected. I later made a nice dessert with it.
The icewine was really good. I do not rate it better than Peller, but it was really good.

If you are local to NM, I think I have some of Hunts wines stored away that you are welcome to.

Can’t offer much in the way of notes from work, but I’ve purchased all three and SWMBO and I have enjoyed.

Great deal here $68 from HC + $21 to ship (unless you get a FS case) and $5 tax; $94 vs. $55.
This is true Ice Wine and you can read more on their web site
They do have a nice 3-year Ice Wine vertical for $140.
Had a cart pending already, now this…

Curses WD.

The Late Harvest is smooth and very sweet; fairly thick body. One of the sweeter late harvests I’ve had, but definitely not the sweetest.

Haven’t opened the Ice Wine yet.

By far, the best Woot late harvest I’ve had is Vinito del Finito.

As far as late harvests go, I think I’d have to rate Ponderosa Valley first, Vinito second (very close second), Black Mesa third, Hunt fourth.

lets see some sake WD

Love Hunt Country wines… the Ice Wine is delicious, as is the Late Harvest Vignoles (possibly my favorite dessert wine) and the Cream Sherry is unique.

The Ice Wine is sweet with balancing acidity and a long finish, the LH Vignoles both sweet & tart with lots of fruit and a very expressive nose, the Cream Sherry a bit thin but enjoyable with vanilla nut and caramel notes.

Ohhhh how I wish that abbreviation was reversed! I live in MN, but thanks anyways.

Hi DingleBarry,
This is Jim from Hunt Country Vineyards. Well, it’s our loss! I’d love for you to be able to try the wines. The Direct Wine Shipping license from the state of Iowa is exPENsive! We need to save some more pennies.

Dear ChipGreen,
Thanks for the nice review … I agree!
Jim, Hunt Country Vineyards

Hi, this is Jim from Hunt Country Vineyards. The Vignoles grape produces a lot of natural acidity that gives a strong sensation of citrus, especially grapefruit. Our customers who most enjoy Vignoles tend to pair it with hot and spicy dishes. My favorite is a medium-hot creamy curry (like Madras, not Vindaloo) with almonds and raisins. The citrus notes in the wine sparkle through the heat!

Thanks for doing the comparison and providing the link to our website … it is a sweet deal! We were the first producers of genuine ice wine in the United States (1987 vintage). It’s still our marquis wine.