Hunt Country Mixed (4)

Hunt Country Mixed 4-Pack
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2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, 375ml
2012 Late Harvest Vignoles, 375ml
NV Cream Sherry, 500ml
NV Ruby Port, 500ml
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Hello Wooters, I’m Jim Alsina, General Manager of Hunt Country Vineyards. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about this assortment of our very popular fortified and dessert wines.

I waited patiently for each and every wine to make it’s way to being sold-out during the woot-off in hopes that the next would be an ice wine.

Sad seeing the woot-off coming to a close and no ice wines in sight, I kept my hopes up. Extreme happiness overcame me when I saw the Hunt Country 4-pack upon rollover as I recall the Ice Wine you guys sold back in November. Even happier to see the array that comes in this 4-pack as I’m a very sweet wine drinker.

Thank you Woot and Hunt Country Vineyards! I look forward to trying these lovely wines. :slight_smile:

Each of these wines is produced in a very different way. The Vidal Blanc Ice Wine is produced from grapes naturally frozen on the wine, that are picked in November or December at 10-15 degrees F and pressed outdoors at that temperature. That is one numbingly cold job! At that temperature the water in the grape freezes but the good stuff – a thick super complex and sweet syrup – doesn’t. A small amount of this nectar – about 1/3 as much as a regularly harvested grape – oozes out of the press. We ferment that syrup over many weeks (even months) using special yeast to make Vidal Blanc Ice Wine. This 2007 vintage has naturally aged in bottle for the past years.

Our ability to produce a vintage of Late Harvest Vignoles depends on healthy growth (at the right time of the year) of the fungus botrytis. If the balance of nutrients on the skin of the grape is not correct, the botrytis won’t grow. Healthy botrytis draws water out of the grape and shrinks it into a kind of wet raisin. The juice of the pressed grape is naturally sweet and complex in flavor, especially citrus and tropical notes.

Our Ruby Port is a sweet blend of robust red wines, that has been spiked with 100% pure grape spirits (distilled grape juice). Try it with dark chocolate or a great cigar.

To produce Cream Sherry, we bubble oxygen through a premium blend of wines while it is being heated, to produce the darker raisin, nut and caramel notes. Lastly we spike the wine with 100% grape spirits. The result is a wine reminiscent of a liqueur!

The cream sherry and late harvest vignoles are amazing.

Unfortunately, Woot no longer has any love for New Mexico so I won’t be able to find out how the ice wine and ruby port are.

As you can see HERE Hunt Country itself can ship to NM.

Jim would probably be willing to hook you up with the same deal direct from the winery, although the shipping might be a little more costly unless you go “all in” for a mixed case.

The only thing holding me back are medical school loans… sigh… so many loans lol… drinks Murphy-Goode Homefront Red

Welcome back, Jim. Always happy to see Hunt Country on wine.woot!

Although I just got a mixed case direct from the winery last month (thanks for the $10 postcard offer),
I am in for a set.

In my mixed case, I got 2 each of the '07 and '12 Late Harvest Vignoles. I notice that now the '07 is no longer listed on the website so I assume it is completely sold out? I might have grabbed 4 of the '07 had I known how close they were to becoming obsolete, haha.

I have yet to try the '12 but the '07 is one of my absolute favorite dessert wines. Can you contrast/compare the '07 and '12 LH Vignoles?

(Last wooter to woot: chipgreen)

Thanks for leading the way, and deciding to try them. Enjoy!

We at Hunt Country are able to ship to New Mexico. If you would like to email me at, perhaps we can do something. I’d love for you to try them!

Thanks, chipgreen!!! You’re absolutely right, we just sold out of the '07 Late Harvest Vignoles. There is a big difference between the vintages, even beyond the fact the '07 has been in bottle for 5 years. The '07 was 10% RS and 10% Alc. by Vol., while the '12 is 7% RS and 12% ABV, giving the '12 substantially more crispness. It’s a matter of personal preference. I’m crazy about the '12. I hope you enjoy it!!

I was recently in Rochester and made a trip out to Keuka Lake to pick up some ice wine directly from the winery. I’ve tried a couple different ice wines and this one is my favorite, with wonderful tropical notes.

I tried the ruby port while I was there and got a bottle of it as well, although I dont have any tasting notes.

Good morning and thanks for joining the conversation. I have only recently begun to expand my knowledge about dessert wines and I am considering this offer.

Cesare’s CT link for the NV Cream Sherry points to a “red” type of Cream Sherry. There is another CT listing for a Hunt Country “white” NV Cream Sherry. Is that an error or do you make two different varieties? If so, what is the difference?

What is an ice wine?

I would be on these if the State of NH hadn’t buzzkilled all the competition.
Always good stuff from Hunt Country.

Good morning! We make one variety. The wine’s blend is about 90% whites wines and 10% red (which gives the wine a warm golden color).

Please take a look at my description of our ice wine at the top of this discussion panel. Hopefully that’ll answer your question!

This is Jim from Hunt Country Vineyards. I’m glad to say we can ship to NH directly from the winery, but of course it won’t be quite as much of a killer deal as from Woot. If you are interested please contact me at

My hubby and I just purchased over $300 worth of Hunt Country wines late Monday evening to take advantage of the 2 day wine sale with donations by the vineyard for flood victims, free shipping on mixed cases, and our $10 gift card from a previous order. Needless to say, we are big fans of your wines! I can honestly say that the 4 wines offered in today’s Wine Woot are some of our all time favorites!