Hunt Country Mixed (4)

was $10 less a year ago

Hello Wooters, this is Jim from Hunt Country. Sorry I’m late checking in this time. I would be glad to answer any questions you might have about this Woot or our winery. Fire away!

Yes, the price of our Vidal Blanc Ice Wine did go up from $40 to $50 this year. The whole Finger Lakes wine region has been hit with 3 tough winters in a row. Our autumn weather has been warmer, and winters have started later, which puts our ice wine grapes at more risk of mildew and other diseases through the critical October/November period. We lost our ice wine harvests in 2014 and 2015. This winter we had to wait until January 4th to harvest, a record for lateness, and the yield was tiny, about 1/10 of what we would like to have!

Hi Wooters!
We are the oldest producers of genuine ice wine in the nation, and this is a rare opportunity to savor a bottle of our finest ice wine, aged in the bottle for almost 7 years. As they age, genuine ice wines produced from white grapes, like ours, darken in color toward a deep gold, and in flavor from peaches and tropical fruits toward raisin and honey notes. Our Late Harvest Vignoles is a wine made naturally sweeter and more complex by the growth of a fungus on the grape’s skin called botrytis that dessicates the grape and concentrates the flavors. The weather pattern and other factors have to be perfect, so we are not able to produce it every year, far from it. Cream Sherry has been a favorite of our customers for years, wonderful to sip with feet up after a tiring day. Valvin Muscat is a rare grape, hybridized by Cornell University with us and 2 other wineries as research partners. It produces a vibrant floral nose, on a semi-dry background, and has a long finish. I hope you enjoy the wines!!

Heres the previous offer for anyone interested. I have yet to open mine but they sure look tasty.

Been waiting for these to pop back up! The price is worth it for the ice wine and the sherry alone, the rest is just bonus…

(drinking a bottle of the vignoles as I write this)

The ice wine really is as great as advertised.

Thanks! So nice to hear that you enjoy the wines!

Since I just bought three replacements, I opened my final bottle of the 07 Ice Wine. It’s still amazing! Super sweet, with a wonderfully overpowering flavor of burnt marshmallows, followed by a stewed apricot flavor, or maybe an apricot/plum blend. The leave is extraordinarily long and smooth, with only the slightest heat in the back of the throat.

The nose is just straight up burnt sugar. Like, if you’ve ever made caramel, that smell just before the sugar melts.

I’m so excited to get three more!

EDIT TO ADD: not burnt marshmallow. I mean, that’s there too, but the dominant flavor I’ve been trying to place for ages? The crystalline honeycomb part of a Crunchie bar. Which I was addicted to the two years I lived in Scotland. No WONDER I love this so much.

I agree, this is one of the best ice wines I have ever had. Even with the price bump, still a much better value than those overpriced Canadian ice wines.

And did you say “Crunchie bar”? Mmmmm…

I really enjoyed reading your post! It’s amazing to me how keen a sense of smell and taste people have. I heard a lecture by a Cornell professor a few years ago on the huge list of compounds that give flavor to wine. Many of these compounds exist in varying concentrations in fruits other than grapes and even other foods. And our sense of smell differs wildly from person to person, too. So I can totally appreciate your comments on the flavors!!

I’m so glad you’re enjoying the ice wine. It has been 7 years in the bottle now, a good long while, so the color and flavors are turning “darker”. Due to warm fall and early winter weather, we weren’t able to harvest until January 4th this year. By that time, the only the hardiest clusters were juicy, so the harvest was tiny, maybe 20% of what we’d like to have. I am sure the flavor profile of this 2016 vintage will be completely different from the 2007 vintage in this Woot!

It’s the last day of our Woot, Wooters! This is Jim again, GM of Hunt Country Vineyards. Thanks so much to those of you who have ordered. I’ll be checking in every hour or two today to reply to any last comments or questions.