Hunt Country Vineyards Estate Bottled Finger Lakes - 3 Pack

Hunt Country Vineyards Estate Bottled Finger Lakes - 3 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
2 2007 Late Harvest Vignoles - 375ml
1 2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine - 375ml
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So I have a question, where is this shipping from? Because I"m leaving the country on the 27th of May, and I dont want this wine to sit in the fedex office for 3 weeks. Is there any chance that I can just drive to the winery and pick it up? If I dont get an answer, I guess I will post on the winery facebook page.

Bought last time, but haven’t sampled either yet.

This post adds nothing to the conversation.

I knew I should have checked if this winery shipped to my state BEFORE I read the description and decided I had to have it.

I drank everything but the ice wine. The late harvest was very floral and sweet, but not overwhelming. If I remember correctly there was some honey overtones as well, but again milder than the ice wine (which I havent had from them yet).

PW -

I bought last time. The ice wine is fantastic. Not as sweet or heavy syrup as you might expect, just great fruit flavor. The other one, meh.

My wife and I both thought the Vignoles was astonishingly good. She typically enjoys a sweeter wine, but I thought I would struggle as a fan of pinot and sangio (missed the noceto offer earlier dang it).

She might not like the expense but she’ll love the wine so I had to pull the trigger.

Oh, apparently I got first sucker go figure never done that before. So, now if someone can answer my shipping question?

Damn. Usually Nevada is on the list of approved states. I really wanted this one.

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One on the way to me… buy number three during the woot!off. You can never have too many Leak Frogs! Cheers.

My wife absolutely loved the Late Harvest, but the Ice was too sweet even for her, and she loves sweet wines. Personally, I couldn’t take the sweetness of either, although the aromas of the two were awesome.

Yeah, I had this problem the first time they were on. I wanted this too.

So, riddle me this batman . . . why is Nebraska in most of the wine.woots, but not in some???

How long are these okay to hold onto before drinking?

We bought this here a while back – excellent value for the price. Try making Crystal (champagne & ice wine), it’ll blow you away!

Also, my wife babysat for John Hunt (who dropped by and left a ton of comments in the previous sale) back in the day. Their vineyard is just up the road from her old house. This may add nothing to the value of this post, but you could assume I made bad puns about how he “wined” a lot as a baby, further assume nothing has changed, and move on. :slight_smile:

They are bound by what state shipping permits the winery has (as I believe the winery typically ships the wine). This can/will vary from winery to winery.

Each winery must obtain a permit from each state it will offer the wine in. The permit process and requirements for each state varies. Some are easy to obtain, some are difficult. Each winery makes a business decision as to whether the costs to obtain such a license will be covered by the potential sales in that state.
From the FAQ:

Loved the Late Harvests from last time…hadn’t tried the Ice Wine yet…so just opened it…result? I just ordered THREE. :slight_smile: