Hunter Bathroom Fans

RE: Hunter 82040. Can this be mounted POST-construction without attic access? In other words, use it to replace an existing fan that’s sandwhiched between 2 floors – and therefore only has access for mounting from the bathroom in which you are installing it. (We’ve had a hard time finding such a thing.)


Here is a CFM sizing chart

Translated for simplicity…

These are good for half bathrooms or small full bathrooms. If you have a very standard setup (toilet, one sink without extra counter space, shower OR tub) these should work.

As soon as you go beyond that (double sink) these probably don’t meet the rating you need.

Also pay close attention to the duct notes. Almost every home by me uses flex duct and they tend to get routed to the back of the house for appearances so there are quite lengthy runs on all of mine.

Hunter 82040 Energy Star Bathroom Fan with Light, White now on sale at (online only) for $68.58 each with free ship-to-store. Leaves me not as pleased about the Woot deal as I was when I bought 2 of these babies yesterday :frowning: