Hunter & Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Is the light included?

Check the specs on the item to see if the lights is included. By light, I’m guessing you mean the bulb itself, no? They should be sold as shown with whatever light kit pictured.

The last time Woot! had these for sale, I purchased one of the white “5 Minute” fans. Price is still the same, which seems to be a good price for a Hunter fan. However, there is nothing “5 Minute” about this fan. You will also need to go to your local hardware store and buy some 8-32 1-1/4" screws to secure the pieces to make this a flush mount fan, as the screws included are too big in the screw-head to fit where they are intended. Once I got everything figured out and the fan properly installed, it seems to work well. The issues I experienced have also been relayed directly to Hunter. Comment if you need further assistance.

Is the remote control included with the Hunter 21894 52-Inch Westover Heater Fan?