Hunter Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans: Not for just moving air anymore!
You have one with a heater, one with a built-in speaker, and the one that says ‘cocoa’ probably makes you a hot mug of cocoa.
(The heater one still says 66 watts in the spec sheet)

Thanks. I emailed to let them know.

Only the Hunter 22436 Sontera 3-Light model mentions it uses 60 watts bulbs. Are all the other ones that use incandescent bulbs rated at 60 watts maximum too?

Also, is the fan with the LED (bulbs?) light able to brighten up an entire room or is it more as an accent lighting effect?

These are some good prices for really nice looking fans. I already have a dozen ceiling fans in my house, so I’m on the sidelines for this one.

I’ve seen exactly the same fans on sale at Lowe’s and Home Depot for a lot less when they have their sales. I think I’m going to hold off.

+1. I picked up the Hunter 21627 Palermo 52-Inch for less than this at Costco a few years back.(I think I paid approx $125 each).

In my experience, I never saw a different rating for the incandescents on ceiling fans.

FWIW, from the Amazon Hunter 25120 product description:
“The integrated low-Wattage LED light kit gives you long performance with simple contemporary accent lighting.”

Yeah just bought 3 Hunters that look identical to the Hunter listed but with Lowes SKU’s they were 79.99 each. The light output from these is not very good. It works in a pinch but it looks bad. As a fan they are super smooth and not very loud

I just bought 3 Hunters and looked at the LED model. The LED light is just for decoration if you will it’s about as bright as a night light

Psst! Woot!

Any of these have a remote control? Bought one recently that looks the same as one of these models but mine came with a remote. Curious if these also come with one but it just wasn’t listed.

I’ve purchased 6-7 fans like this for rental units of mine and they all run perfect, so far (knock of wood) 0 problems with the lights or motors of the fans. 1 reoccurring problem is that for the dome light fans, the pull string for the FAN comes out at an angle and isn’t a straight pull down (like the light) so sometimes its hard to pull the chain for the different settings on the fan and because of that is causes the pull chain to disconnect where reconnecting it can be a pain. That is all.

Also the person who says he saw these at Lowe’s cheaper were either A) smaller or B) closeouts that are now discontinued.

I bought mine from ebay which were very competitively priced so I also recommend searching there.

In reference to the 52" second fan listed. Price wise

I don’t understand why none of these fans have reversing motors. Is this not a desire anymore? I always run my fans counter clockwise in summer and clockwise in winter. That’s been the mantra forever. Has it changed?

It sounds like there aren’t too many fans of this deal. Hue hue.

So can all of these be mounted outside on the patio like shown in the picture?

I have a porch that looks almost exactly like what’s shown in the picture and it gets super hot in the summer. Something like this would be nice if it could survive being exposed to the wind and rain.

What say you woot staffers?

That would probably be a question for Hunter.

Here’s their page for Outdoor fans.

Here’s their FAQ page. There’s also links to manuals there.

Installed a Hunter fan similiar to one pictured about two months ago. They are very smooth and quiet fans. If you need a fan, I would recommend it over common store brands. Also, I believe you can add a remote to any fan. You simply wire it in (need an additional purchase of the remote kit).

I’d just like to know, which model looks best covered in dust? 'Cause that’s the one I’d need. :slight_smile: