Hunter LightMinder Expansion Receiver & Remote System Bundle

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Hunter LightMinder Expansion Receiver & Remote System Bundle
$6.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Does it have any lasers? If it had lasers, I would buy it. First, I’d use the remote to turn on the lights and BLIND any burglars, then I’d use the lasers to dissect them. But if it just has lights to discourage them, well, that’s not really as much fun as, say, having a tiger for burglar-discouragement.

The clapper with a silencer?

does anyone know if this is compatible with the x-10 home automation system?

Was actually in the market for something like this, cool to see them pop up for so cheap.

i got some of these last time i saw them up
i like remote lights i control when arriving home

im in for 3!
(takes CR2032 batteries, easy to find on eBay)

In for three!!!
Will use them at work, to turn on my dancing barking doggie. Don’t ask.

Finally, I can strike fear into the hearts of thieves…and give them a jolt of carcinogens!

I would love to set one of these up just to mess with my husband. Randomly turn off the lights. Would drive him nuts. lol

Since these are just expansion, do I have to have something else besides this to make these work?

So does it require the home control system to work?

I really needed someting like this, I got one :slight_smile:

These are fantastic for Christmas trees or other holiday displays around the house. It’s an outlet you wouldn’t normally have a switch on, but it’s inconvenient to have to bend down and unplug it regularly, and the stupid foot switches are ugly.

Put your tree on a remote. :slight_smile:

Dang it ! I missed this one :frowning: I just found these on another one day sale and only got one pair. They are so easy to use, plug it into a socket, plug lamp into unit and turn on lamp. Now use remote to turn on or off. When the lamp is off the wall unit is a night lite. Very Cool.

I missed these again!
bring em back woot!

Agreed - hate to have missed this!! Please bring 'em back.

Also those timers which adjust for daylight savings time - hurting for those thingies too.

:smiley: M’K? Thanks!

I doubt that anyone would be reading this but for future reference if they pop back up at some point I figured I’d add this after getting them in the mail. While the receivers boast that they have 4 groups and 3 channels, the keychains only work if the receivers are set to group A, so you effectively only have 3 channels to work with. Not a big deal for me but could be a problem for some.

That being said, one of my receivers was DOA, waiting to hear back from Hunter regarding a replacement. The rest are working beautifully.

Got mine today, plugged one in & it worked perfect. I am very happy with this purchase!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears that while the receiver can be set to 3 Channels within Group A, the transmitters will not differentiate between them - press ANY of the control units and ALL channels in Group A go on.

So much for running four different lights.

Changes how I’m gonna use them; would [she’s a good dog, doesn’t get PWNYed by the Woot filters] and moan if they hadn’t been so cheap.