Huntington Merlot 3-Pack

Huntington Merlot 3-Pack
$49.99 $91.00 45% off List Price
2011 Huntington Merlot, Cooney Vineyard, Alexander Valley
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Nice back story and I have found that wines under the Hahn Family umbrella usually offer some pretty good QPR, especially at wine.woot prices.

I guess the following no longer holds; “Every bottle of Huntington wine bears an artist-series label featuring one of Gaby Hahn’s paintings.”

No matter, I’m more concerned with what’s inside. Hopefully somebody has tasted this and can offer their impressions?

The previous set of huntingtons offered here were California labeled with no AVA or vineyard designate. They were good QPR at $10 a bottle. This could be a nice pickup.

Have you ever offered a Malbec?

A hahn Malbec or any Malbec?

tempted, love AV Reds

Hi erastimus,
Huntington has not made a Malbec but Hahn does currently make a black label Malbec. Hope that helps.

I see pictures of the wine on its side and the wine standing up. Are there any other options?

I think there was an open bottle option… :slight_smile: