Huntington Wine by Hahn Family Vineyards Red - 6 Pack

Huntington Wine by Hahn Family Vineyards Red - 6 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
Available (what’s this?)
2 2007 Huntington Merlot
2 2008 Huntington Cabernet Sauvignon
2 2008 Petite Sirah
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Looks nice, have to do some research!

The Cab and PS seem very young, even for the accessible style you get at this price point. Are we really expected to drink now?

Is this a secondary label for Hahn?

Fun pack! And at $11/bottle shipped, a potentially great deal!

Looks good, even at only $11/bottle a 6 pack of reds doesn’t do it for me today though.

Also, it looks like neither of the '08s are available yet on the Huntington site, nor are there CT entries set up for them. Is this a two-thirds Woot launch?

Apparently someone’s managed to go in for three. Has Woot waived the usual case limit for six-packs? More importantly, who would but 18 bottles of basically unknown wine? Mill, was that you?

According to their main site here they seem to have 8 different labels that they use. I haven’t been able yet to figure out why.

PS inbred with 24% of its far inferior old nasty parent?
California appellation?
2009 (so either not ready for drinking yet or a ton of micro-ox)?

Sorry WD, I’m sitting this one out. And you KNOW how hard that is for me to do when it comes to PS.

Well, there goes my Friday through Tuesday.

My guess is that blend was designed with an eye more towards price than quality. 76/24 doesn’t happen by accident.

Wait, is the Petite Sirah 2008 or 2009? The top says 2008 but the description says 2009.

Is it Freudian that W00t places the winery in “Montetery”, CA? Although I do realize even that is misspelled.

I noticed that up top where is lists products it says its a 2008 Petite Sirah but in the description section it says 2009.

Which one is correct?

Edit: I see Cesare beat me to the question

I’m not complaining.

A PS harvested, fermented, bottled, and released in around ten months? There’s simply no possible way.

Same questions here. California appellation doesn’t inspire confidence. There are always exceptions to the norm, but usually that means grapes and blending wines sourced from all over the place. And 2009 for a PS and 2008 for a Cab S. Very young.

I guess the big question is how (if?) these differ appreciably from a typical grocery store wine with California AVA and a 2008/09 vintage.

IIRC this label got banned in at least one state due to ‘indecency.’ I feel like it was Alabama, but don’t quote me on that!