Huntington Wine by Hahn Family Vineyards Red - 6 Pack

I used to have a six pack

Is California the most descriptive we can get with the appellation?

I liked this pretty well last time and might be in for more.

Problem is, if you don’t like the merlot, it suddenly becomes less of a deal. Still a deal, though, so… My husband is going to kill me.

(As a side note: My avatar frightens me. It looks like a creature from my nightmares, but I didn’t like any of the other options either, nor do I want to upload my own. What’s a lazy/scared gal to do?)

anybody try these last time?

EDIT: Thanks SunnyL

this Woot off and daily wine woots is killing my wallet…brutal…but I think I’m in for one of these

Me too. Some time ago in College. Covered with a fine layer of Keystone Light and other unspeakably cheap beer.

To be more detailed, there’s nothing wrong with the Merlot – I just don’t much care for Merlot.

I liked the Petite Sirah quite a bit (there’s never enough of those at a price point I like). I don’t have access to my notes right now.

I remember the Cabernet Sauvignon as quaffable. Nothing to write home about, but on the other hand $65 for half a case of wine is.

I really would buy, like, two, but I think I’ve maxed out my credit card.

Previous Woot

Thanks again! - based on the numbers, it looks like a very easy-drinking oaky style.

Finally doing your job, after getting your B.0.C, I see…

On a side note, is wine.woot going back to UPS since we are out of summer shipping?

I liked them and would buy more if I hadn’t held myself to pinot only for this woot off. well worth the (cheap) price tag. if you want good wine at this price point just buy now.

Any particular reason you mentioned the merlot? I poured out half a bottle last night because I just couldn’t get into it. I wish I had something more substantive to say than that, but it was disappointing. I did like the Cab and PS.

Edit: Just saw your follow-on comment. I’ll leave my note, uninformative though it may be, but you don’t need to clarify.

My buddy and I split this last time and we have both only had the Merlot and enjoyed it.
I thought it was pretty simple but very drinkable.

Well, I never bought anything on wine. before now, sounds like a good deal and I like wine. thanks TN for “legalizing it”.

Mortal, Do not question the woot gods who have been kind enough to assign you an avatar at all.

they are back to ups
just got 4 bottles thataway

I hope they ship my Ty order with the extra Styrofoam. (wasn’t that a $7 shipping?) Here in Florida it is still in the 90’s!

I promised my wallet I would wait until 6:30 and if the wine was still here, I had to buy it. So, in for one.

Only sometimes, though, much to my wallet’s satisfaction. It’s so convenient for taking away the pressure of decision making, although lame when I agonize over whether to buy a wine, decided yes, and then notice it doesn’t ship to TN.

Anyway, the winery has to be licensed to ship to TN, so always check the state list.

That’s easy for you to say. Your avatar is only mildly disturbing. Have you looked at the face on mine? I mean really looked?

(ETA: I just want it to be known that I would never use a l@me phrase like “harshing my mellow.” Otterific, yes. Harshing my mellow, no. The woot gods strike again.)