Huntspoint Gold Wagyu Brisket - 12-14lbs

Huntspoint Gold Wagyu Brisket - 12-14lbs
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I smoked one of these along side a Prime brisket from Costco at half the price. The Wagyu was better, a little more moist and tender, but certainly not $70 better. I don’t think most people would appreciate the difference.

Does this come with Bluetooth?

This was my thinking as well. Thanks for the honest feedback.

The whole point to smoking brisket was you had a tougher (cheaper) cut of meat and you were cooking it for a long period of time (low and slow) to add smoke flavor and make it more tender. Spending a fortune to start with a more tender meat sort of defeats the purpose of cooking brisket. If mine was any more tender when I was done smoking you wouldn’t be able to lift it off the grill.

I’m of the same mind, no point in spending a fortune when I can get a prime and have the best, most tender cut of meat.

You know this is aimed at those people that do not know any better.

I’m with ya, usually buy the prime ones but figured what the hell. The bad…On first glance, didn’t look any more marbled than the prime. Also, They sent it 2nd day air, so it was a little thawed when delivered. I don’t like the idea of freezing this thing twice. I’ve ordered “quality” meats online before and its always been shipped next day on dry ice and gets to me solid as a rock. Finally, The flat is only about 1/2" thick while the point is probably 6", might have to separate before smoking. Now the good…it looks bigger than 14 lb. didn’t weight it, but i’ve cooked enough of these to know.

I just opened mine up.
70% of the “meat” was nothing but solid layers of fat, mostly on the outside.
Of the 30% remaining, I cooked some last night and it was good.
The marbling wasn’t bad, but marbling fat in the meat versus just getting a bunch of fat is not worth while at all.

That’s the definition of Wagyu.