Huntspoint Gold Wagyu Brisket, 14-16lbs

I ended up getting some 7X branded vac pack from Colorado from the last 12lb offering. The first time this ever came up y’all got it right and sent a huntspoint, and it was amazing. I figured why not let the 7X error go to waste and cook it since it was taken care of, but that was a huge mistake. Costco prime packers ran circles around whatever that abomination was. Can y’all verify huntspoint only and no substitutions please?

Just got a 17# prime for 3.29 a #

Bully for you. Care to share where?

I bought into the last Huntspoint brisket sale, and it was apparently damaged in transit during hurricane Florence. Woot refunded the money, even though I still wanted a brisket. I had previously bought the Huntspoint wagyu beef ribs, and they were very good.

Costco… the select Packers brisket was a dollar more a #… beats me but I’ll keep getting them at that price… and you can definitely tell a difference