Huntspoint Grade 3-5 Wagyu Ribeye Steaks, 4lbs

Huntspoint Grade 3-5 Wagyu Ribeye Steaks, 4lbs

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The BMS scale goes from 1 to 12. What you think of as real Wagyu is typically graded at 10 or above.
Conventional prime beef is graded as BMS of 4. So you’re buying 4 lbs. of what is basically just normal ribeye for $90. From a dedicated specialty food seller, you might get 4 lbs. of Wagyu ribeye for $425 or so, but that’s at BMS 10 and up, so 2-3x as marbled as this. Hard pass.


Thank you for this!

These Huntspoint Steaks are a wagyu ribeye with a BMS marbling score of score of 3-5. The steaks are hand cut at approximately 16 ounces each. There will be 2 steaks per vacuum sealed bag, and 2 vacuum sealed bags per package. The ribeye loins have been wet aged 30 days prior to cutting into steaks for extra tenderness. You can find more great options for steaks and meats at

There are so many ways to cook a steak, you could simply grill a steak , pan fry a steak, sous vide a steak, reverse sear a steak, the list goes on. Then there are techniques that you can use to cook a steak such as doing any of the above and then as a last step pan frying it in butter.

The key techniques that world steak champions use are layering steaks with different flavors before cooking or during cooking. This way you’ll have a steak with great beefy flavor and also with different layers of flavor complexity on the crust or on the surface of the steak which will make for a great steak eating experience.

One of my favorite rubs to use on a steak or any beef is my beef go to rub called Ribs-Within Texas Rub. Texas Rub is all natural, it does not contain any high fructose corn syrup or MSG or any phosphates. It’s kosher and has been a proven winner at World Championship BBQ Cook-offs on beef very successful.

Another wonderful rub option that is great on steak or barbecue would be Butchers BBQ which is a line of rubs for grilling or barbecue created by David Bouska - World Champion Pitmaster recommends “Grilling Addiction” and “Butchers Private Seasoning”.

Another great option for various rubs for steak or BBQ would be Champion Pitmaster Harry Soo’s “Moola Beef Rub” from Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ.

Robert Mansfield, who is also the 2018 World Food Steak Champion recommends the following for steaks: Boars Night Out White Lightning. Krippled kids steak walk. Bxtreme steak dust. Put the BNO as a 1st layer under any savory/BBQ beef rub. Robert is a private chef and is available for catering.

You could also keep it simple by applying kosher salt, black pepper and some garlic powder to your steak prior to cooking.

Cooking steak is certainly not rocket science it’s all about internal temperatures. I recommend getting a great meat thermometer, I personally use a Thermapen.

Please see my steak reference temperature guide below:

Rare - Cool red center: 125° F or 52° C

Medium Rare - Warm red center: 135° F or 57° C

Medium - Warm pink center: 145° F or 63° C

Medium Well - Slightly pink center: 150° F or 66° C

Well Done - Little or no pink: 160° For 71° C

Just remember that when you pull the steak off the cooker it’s going to continue to raise in temperature by another 8 -11 degrees so you have to compensate the above internal temperatures with the post cook temperature rise for optimal desired results.

Happy cooking and eating.

Johnny Love

Huntspoint Meat Company is a family owned small business that is also a veteran owned company. We appreciate your time and business. Stay safe and eat well.


I will say this. Whatever I have ordered from Huntspoint has been delicious. Higher price, yes. But much better than what I can get at my local grocery store.

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I have no doubt that these are good steaks. If anyone wants to pay $22.50/lb. for ribeye, that’s their prerogative. It’s just that no one should go into this expecting what we typically think of as a proper Wagyu – intense marbling, buttery texture, and fat basically exploding into your mouth as you bite into it.


Thanks for explaining the BMS scale. I looked at the listing picture and thought that it looked like (or slightly worse than) the USDA Choice steaks that I would normally buy for around $8/lb.

You can certainly buy Japanese wagyu which we sell and it is an extremely rich eating experience and very expensive. The marbling on Japanese Wagyu is however far more then the 2-3x as you mentioned for the American Wagyu grade 3-5. The price comparison is also extreme _ a consumer can spend $89.99 for the 4 lbs of steaks advertised here (which is an excellent value for Wagyu Grade 3-5, currently the lowest retail price in the USA ), or spend $425 as you mentioned (you get what you pay for). We sell 4 lbs of Japanese wagyu for $778.64 (you get what you pay for). We sell both Japanese Wagyu and American Wagyu, I prefer American Wagyu because it is a wonderful eating experience; you can eat a 1 lb steak and feel great afterwards. With Japanese Wagyu, if you were to eat a 1 lb steak, its like eating a 1 lb stick of butter; how will someone feel afterwards…

The below are pictures of a sample cutting we did for some Japanese Wagyu


The images for this sale on the Wagyu grade 3-5 are images we submitted to Woot are from a cutting we did on our W grade wagyu ribeyes which have varied marbling. The wagyu ribeyes grade 3-5 will have better marbling then the current images. We will be cutting the Wagyu grade 3-5 ribeyes on Thursday and have better, more representative images at that point. The images are just an unfortunate timing issue. This sale and the price is certainly fortunate for those who decide to purchase this Woot deal - The steaks will be awesome!


Again, I have no doubt that these are good steaks. I’ve just noticed a trend of people seeing Wagyu steaks posted and immediately assuming that they’re A5 Wagyu, so I wanted to make sure it was clear that these are not. As you noted in later reply, the original posting images are not representative of the actual cuts, and without seeing how they actually look, >$20/lb. is a little rich for my blood (coming from someone who just dropped several hundred dollars on Kurobota and Iberico pork in the last month). Certainly it isn’t for a lot of other people!

Honestly USDA Prime at $22.50 online is solid. I mean, yes, it is high if you go to the store… but right now i am not going to the store :frowning:


These steaks will be better then USDA Prime for several reasons: Wagyu is going to be more tender, juicy and full of beef flavor then any USDA prime Angus that is currently available.

We also wet age our beef for 30 days prior to cutting, for extra tenderness. You will never get wet aged beef at any retail outlet including supermarkets, big box stores, or most butchers. Typically an animal gets processed, then the next week it is in the retail markets shelves, that meat is not going to be very tender because the meat has not had a chance to for its enzymes to break the meat down and become tender.


Now we need some NY Strips!

Thanks for educating us! Have a great day!


Just want to weigh in as an oldschool Woot user and also mentioned in Johnny’s post above. I am Robert Mansfield and have to say you will get some top quality wagyu beef and customer service in this deal. I actually just cooked one of Johnny’s competition wagyu briskets last week. Phenomenal tenderness, flavor and texture and one of the best briskets I ever had. Hit me up for any info if you want. Enjoy


I love good steaks!
This is a good deal for those without nearby great sources of prime steaks.
Also, for those not wanting to go shopping much during this Corona thing.

I like to take cold steaks from the refrig, put them over a smoke-tube filled with mesquite/hickory for about 45 min in the unlit BBQ. Then pull the steaks out, heat the BBQ to about 500 degrees. Salt, pepper, garlic them. Cook steaks to ‘rare’ which is maybe 8 minutes per side. Let them rest 10-15 min.


This is the post that made me buy these steaks today. I was guessing this offer would include steaks that were more marbled then in the pic they had posted and they are confirming that is the case.

BTW, I live in midtown Manhattan and get the best fresh meat delivered anytime (or within walking distance of me). I always pay more per pound at a good butcher here in NYC for ribeye so this represents good value too.

My advice to those loudmouths here always complaining about the cost, If you’ve never tried steak from these guys before you can’t really have any opinion about it. I’m trying it now for the first time and next time they have a post here I’ll tell you how it was. I’ll even take a few pics.

This company is raising cattle in this country. They are employing people and feeding people. I want to support that. I hope you want to support that too. That’s what we all need now.

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