Huntspoint Grade 3-5 Wagyu Ribeye Steaks, 4lbs

Huntspoint Grade 3-5 Wagyu Ribeye Steaks, 4lbs

$24 a pound. WOOOTHOO

That doesn’t look like wagyu. Certainly wouldn’t pay that price. Perhaps its low grade Wagyu?

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Wagyu? I don’t think so. Wagyu (Kobe in Japan) has small amounts of marbling spread throughout the entire cut, not huge blobs of fat, like typical cuts of beef.

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I’ve said it before, and as you can see, I already had some back-and-forth with this particular seller about this particular issue. Whether or not what they’re selling is worth the price is your call. It certainly seems like they have some ardent fans and they don’t have any problems selling out when they sell on Woot.

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What little portion of those steaks is actually meat IS well-marbled, in the pic. That being said…

  1. You’re actually paying closer to $45/lb for that meat, and getting some $5/lb pure beef fat in the “bargain”.

  2. “Wagyu” isn’t a controlled term in the US. It is literally legal to call any piece of beef “Wagyu” when selling it.

  3. It hasn’t been legal to import Wagyu cattle since 2009. 99% of all cattle in the US with genuine wagyu lineage are therefore crossbred; the rest are ridiculously inbred. That means you’re paying purebred AKC prices for a poodle/yorkie mutt (or a cow whose family tree doesn’t branch).

  4. “Wagyu” beef is fairly common in Japan, and simply means it came from a Wagyu-breed cow. The actual grades that count have other names, like “Kobe”.

  5. If you want to buy well-marbled, mostly-fat-chunks beef with the name “Wagyu” printed on the packaging, this appears to be a good deal. Also, I have a goald ring set with a 1-carrot diamand that I will sell you for just $500.

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Wagyu and Kobe are different things.
Wagyu is Japanese beef.
Kobe is Japanese beef from Kobe the capital of the Hyogo prefecture, raised in a specific way. It would be considered a brand here in the states, similiar to Certified Angus Beef.

Incorrect, wagyu is controlled in the US. The USDA allows for the term “wagyu” to be used as long as the bloodline of the beef contains 46.875% of the Kuroge Washu or, more rarely, Akaushi breed.

There is nothing illegal about importing wagyu, but Japan has permanently banned the exportation of live animals and DNA, so you’re not going to do it.

Wagyu is not a breed it’s simply an English word created out of two Japanese words, and Kobe is not a grade, it’s what we in the states would think of as a brand.