Huntspoint W Grade Wagyu Beef Strip Steak

Huntspoint W Grade Wagyu Beef Strip Steak

Bring back the brisket!

The brisket was disgusting.

“W” is NOT a real grade. This is the lowest grade of beef you can get and I’d bet it’s not even real wagu

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What exactly is “W” grade?? I see no scales for Wagyu beef grading that even include “W” as a metric. Japan, Australia, nor the US.

There is something fishy about this listing…

From a previous sale:

*It’s Wagyu beef that for one reason or another has not marbled up . *

W grade Wagyu will be full of flavor and be very juicy. It’s actually healthier because it doesn’t contain all that fat from marbling. The old wives tale that says the flavors in the fat is actually wrong - the flavor is within the beef itself.

funny the “discount” looks deceiving…

Did you include shipping? Shipping is included on our gourmet site. Shipping on the Huntspoint site was $9.99 for me.

I thought what the hell, I’ve never had anything above Prime / Dry aged before. All I can say is this was not what I was expecting. I emailed Huntspoint for some suggestions, let’s say I was Underwhelmed with their response. If your looking for that WOW steak, skip this and go to: (Not a paid spokesman, just Love their Steaks!!)

Sorry WineDavid, I have always tried to support you (A Casemates KickStarter ta’boot) but this was a bridge to far…

The descript says wagu beef w/o the marbling. Guess what? It’s not wagu. The whole point of wagu is the marbling. This is regular beef. I made the mistake of buying the brisket when it was up for sale. Rip off too. It was supposed to be cleaned of all the sinews and connective tissue. It wasn’t. After cleaning you basically had 30% of what you bought

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THat’s because it’s not wagu. Huntspoint meats are horrible

W is not a real grade.

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For those who want to see the discussion from the last sale:

Huntspoint W Grade Wagyu Beef Strip Steak