Huntspoint Wagyu Flap Meat, 4lbs

Huntspoint Wagyu Flap Meat, 4lbs

I don’t eat too much meat, but “flap meat” sounds pretty hilarious to me.


Not a great deal, the same product from their website is $110.


Their site also charges $9.99 for shipping, whereas Woot includes shipping in the price.

All I’m really reading is this is not real wagyu, because that comes from the Japanese wagyu prefixture. And last I check they have not sold it or the rights to anyone in America to have “American wagyu”

Waygu is an anglicisation of two Japanese words Wa and Gyu, meaning Japanese cow as in originating from the interior of Japan. So while yes there can’t be American wagyu, wagyu is not a prefecture.
Kobe is the capital of the Hyogo prefecture. It’s where Kobe beef comes from, and is very similiar to what we in the US would know as a brand.


…so long as a you have an Amazon Prime account.

If we are going to point out the membership fees when comparing with Costco or other club-type products, we will need to start doing the same with Gourmet woots since it requires an Amazon Prime login.

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Hey, life is good with an Amazon Prime account. End of Story

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Agreed. The Prime video content alone is worth the price. Everything else is gravy.
Also, MMMMMM… flap meat.

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Doesn’t matter on Gourmet. Shipping is always included in the price regardless of if you have Prime or not.


Anyone here eat some flap meat since the previous offering? I mean the kind offered here…

What exactly is “Fap” meat?

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  1. Like @ThunderThighs said, you don’t need Prime to get free shipping for Gourmet items. That’s what I meant to convey in my (incomplete) post.

  2. Of course! I’m all for including membership costs in price comparisons.

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And I need to admit I misunderstood.

Tried buying the coffee yesterday and was greeted with the “Log in with amazon” button. I misinterpreted the “Gourmet.Woot orders must use Login with Amazon” and “Log in with your Amazon Prime account to receive FREE shipping on Woot!” statements as meaning one had to have Prime and couldn’t be bother to proceed further. My mistake.

emmabean2000: Yep, I did and its pretty darn great, I just ordered more. I grill it on a very hot TEC Infrared grill, 3 minutes or so each side, gets a fantastic char and ever so juicy medium rare inside, the stuff melts in your mouth. Look, I know its expensive, but a few bucks more/lbs over a top shelf aged rib eye is good trade off for me.


I just adore you guys/gals/they/them if I missed someone, please excuse me. As soon as I saw flap meat and thought wth, I knew there would be a discussion about it, so thank you …

On the nore regarding membership fees - with today’s climate of social distancing, temperature checks, mask wearing, etc., irregardless if you agree or disagree with the policies, having items, such as the wonderful flap meat delivered to your door, saves you not only the good old standbys of your time (which you have to factor in the cost of) your gas, and how many “extras” you pick up on your way to the flap meat aisle of your club store, you now have to factor in your risk of exposure to a deadly virus.

I know that at least one club store has made it part of their perks for curbside pickup and you know they did not make that decision lightly. They needed to do something to keep, at least, their regular business customers, who don’t pick up this and that while happily eating a hot dog and pretzel. The club stores “upsell” is putting all that cute merchandise on your way to the groceries, but if no one is willing to walk to the back of the store to get said groceries, then they quickly go under.

True Wagyu beef is always graded in two parts, on yield and quality, A5 being the highest rating:

Most American Wagyu is actually a hybrid of Wagyu and Angus.

My understanding of flap meat is that it’s not cut to steak thickness, but rather thin. for example to use in Tacos or Burritos.

Too expensive for my tastes,however,this would make killer carne asada.