Huntspoint Wagyu Ground Beef Patties

Huntspoint Wagyu Ground Beef Patties

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“Patties” (not “Paddies”; there’s nothing to do with rice).


Paging Jonathan Swift, would Jonathan Swift please pick up the white courtesy phone.

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Saint Paddies?

@ThunderThighs Um, you sure Woot is selling cow paddies? Gosh I hope they ship in a stink-proof box lol.

:cow2: + :poop: = :hamburger: ???


This is from that same company that self-proclaims their meat to be Wagyu and has no usda prime rating, is that correct?

Ah yes. Grade “W”.

I think it stands for wambo.

@Williamdavi paging @Williamdavi

Can we grow cows in your yard now?

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This is from Huntspoint its gotta be great…lmfao

No. I’ve got enough shit to clean up as it is. I don’t need real shit to clean up too.

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I bought this on a woot off for the same price and it was t from hunts point it was from 7x beef kinda bait and switch to advertise one and deliver another

I heard it’s only called Wagyu beef if it’s from the Champagne region of France.


¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

LOL, that’s how it came to us from the vendor.

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Paddies? Must be Irish wagyu beef. Or have rice filler?


Would like confirmation on the number of paddies you receive. From the features tab:

10.5 lbs of Wagyu beef paddies- 7 oz per paddy, 2 paddies per vac package (approximately 14 oz. per vac package)
1 unit will consist of 12 vac packages

I read that as 12 vac packages, each vac package has 2 paddies = 24 total paddies.

From the specs tab:

(12) Wagyu Burger Paddies 7 oz.-2 packs

Not sure if that means 12 paddies or 12 2-packs (24 paddies).

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Hello. You get 24 patties - 12 packs with 2 patties per pack.

Why you don’t want wagyu “patties” from anyone, Hunts point or otherwise:
Discounting that wagyu in general is hard to quantify without beef ancestry (they actually provide this with Japanese wagyu sales, including a grading system notification not provided here), the whole point of the process of raising wagyu beef is in the way the animal is raised, finished, and slaughtered. High carb diets, beer, and massages help build deep, complex marbling - or fat throughout the muscle tissues. At the end of the day, fat = flavor, and the more interspersed it is, the more flavor every bite will have.

What happens when you grind up fatty beef? And more importantly, when you cook it?

Fat renders out. In a steak, it gets dispersed throughout the remaining protein fibers, ensuring a deeply flavorful bite. In ground meat, lots of escape channels are created and, when the meat is cooked, that fat you paid so much money for literally goes running out of the patty.

High grade ground wagyu has its place: raw, as an unctuous tartar.

Please don’t waste your money on high end ground beef. Whatever perceived benefit you think you’re getting from a high end burger patty can often be received by properly seasoning and cooking a USDA Prime 80/20 burger.

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