Huntspoint Wagyu Steaks - A5 Grade, 3lbs

Huntspoint Wagyu Steaks, A5 Grade, 3lbs
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
Sale Price: $429.99 (Includes Shipping)
List Price: $620.00 (Includes Shipping)
Discount: 31% off List Price

So far there have only been purchases from Missouri, in the 1:00 AM hour, so it’s probably same to say they’ve only sold ONE of these in 10+ hours.

Whether or not this is an appropriate price for this type of steak, it’s also listed as shipped frozen - isn’t that going to degrade the quality off of that tippiest toppiest peak that one is supposedly paying for?

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Last purchase: 8 hours ago

Are you surprised that there isn’t a huge rush to buy frozen steak at $143 a pound?

Other sales for Wagyu have done very well. Apparently, Mondays are Wagyu days.

Zackly what I was thinking!

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do”

On a positive note I can order 30 pounds of it. I may miss a house payment or three but I do have that flexibility.

What a bargain!! $143 per pound for what looks like a sirloin steak. But at least the shipping is free. I wonder how much they’d charge for a better cut like a NY strip or a rib eye?