Huntspoint Wagyu Strip Steaks, 4lb

Huntspoint Wagyu Strip Steaks, 4lb

Cool The mail-order meat is back @sammydog01!

I’m his pal on Instagram. I heart him all the time.


There is no W grade for wagyu beef.


I think w is their made up grade.

Oh my god that’s a lot of sales. People must be losing their minds.

The meat man said they always sell out and never have any complaints so…

Sammy, did you buy some?

I wonder how many complaints the Walmart meat truck gets?

We have to get Will to watch it.


I’ll set up post now.

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Here’s the link on the main website saying it’s a W grade. :man_shrugging:t5:

If one were to click on the link provided for Huntspoint meats, one would find the exact same strip steaks on sale 10lbs for $200. An even better price per lb than Woot.

I still cannot speak to the quality or authenticity of their product.

Is shipping free?

I’m more of a hamburger and canned tuna person.


ROFL! I saw Virginia was dark on the sale map and figure you caved and bought 10.

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This meat is best meat. Period. All other meat is fake news.