Hurom Slow Juicer

Hurom Slow Juicer
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These vertical slow juicers from various brands are all very similar and do a pretty good job. It partly depends on what you are juicing though. For soft fruits these do well and are pretty easy to use and clean up. Personally I prefer a horizontal slow masticating juicer as the pulp is drier. Those also purportedly do better with leafy greens.

OTOH, there’s a whole bunch of info out there that says juicing isn’t good for you as it removes all the great dietary fiber. So I would not juice in place of eating fruit and vegetables but rather in place of drinking processed, preserved, and sweetened drinks.

I’m terribly confused - it’s a ‘Slow Juicer’ yet the blurb says it “quickly, yet gently extracts juice”.

Is it quick? Is it slow? How is an aboriginal vegan lesbian raw foodie like me supposed to wade through this thicket of crypto-phallocacentric ontological discourse?

I have used this juicer for a long time and it is a workhorse. This is a good juicer if you need that sort of thing

Not a bad deal for the price but there are better options with better performance for a more $$. Tribest Slowstar is one of the best in this category. This would be good for a beginner to get started in juicing.

Slow slow slow. It’s a mascerator. Literally sounds like chewing. Great yield on things though they’ll be a bit pulpy. About the only way to get something out of spinach, wheat grass or kale.

I have one and it works great. Way more juice than the ones that sound like a vacuum cleaner. Mine is a few years old and the plastic juice catcher/container that comes with it discolors quickly so I just juice into the container or jug where I store the juice. They may have started using a different plastic composition. Glass, stainless or ceramic work best.

All juicers (money) require work from buying all the fruits and vegetables (money and time), slicing them to fit in the machine (time) to finally cleaning up the mess when you’re done (more time). Mine cost at least $399 when I bought it and I have always told folks that it would be cheaper and easier to just buy organic juices (money, lot less time). Just the $400 I spent on my juicer would have bought hundreds of bottles.

I always use the pulp too! Toss it into soups, chili, salads, pastas or mix it into your salad dressings. For sweet fruit pulp, I just add honey to it and eat it!

Or you could just use a blender.