Hurom Slow Juicer

I’ve used several juicers. They are WAYYY too much work than they are worth. I just eat fruit whole now! lol

Woot you’re really starting to upset me with these very expensive items which could be a nice silver ware set! I have been sitting diligently pacing in my room. Come on woot! lol
Also, if you’re reading this woot,
Thank you. =P

Kinda expensive,Does it double as some sort of torture implement ie It will turn you into juice

Did you really have to include “nut juice” in the description?

It’s a Hurom Slow Juicer yet in the description it states that it juices faster than most juicers. I loathe indecisive small appliances.

It’s a different juicer than the jack lalaine variety. Those are just blenders with a screen. The Hurom is a mascerater so it is perfect for wheat grass or even making almond milk. Only complaint is cleaning it. There’s a small sleeve that clogs and if you don’t clean immediately it gums up.

It is $60 cheaper than the one at Williams Sonoma. No clue if it’s the same model just in black

$60 off amazon’s price

reviews generally positive, but you can’t expect it to break down whole fruits & vegetables on its own and last reliably.

This is easily one of the best write ups I have read in my memory!

My wife was determined to use a juicer, she bought this one, and we love it. Only complaint is the clean-up. You cannot wait and return to do the job later, it will be next to impossible - juice when you know you have time to clean the unit immediately after use! This is about $100 less than we paid in January and $60 bucks off the current Amazon sale price.

Review at

Here is a review

My questions: All the other sites state a ten (10) year warranty, how come it is only one (1) on Woot? I am aware of square trade but wonder why these are not backed the same as the others.
Does anyone know the relative drawback of the plastic auger vs a metal one? Are those the ones that cost twice this much?

Long Home Video Review

I have the Omega 350 VRT, which is practically the same juicer. It does a fantastic job if you want to live a lifestyle that includes drinking fresh juice daily. Yes, the clean up is not fun. I try to juice everything I would need in one go, so I only have to clean it up once a day.

This is a masticating juicer, as mentioned previously. The centrifugal juicers (like Jack Lalanne) do a great job on hard foods (apples, oranges that are peeled, carrots, etc.). The slower, masticating juicer like this works great for leafy greens. I am able to juice anything through it.

I bought mine after watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on Netflix last summer.

I’ve used this many times, and it’s FANTASTIC! It’ll break down anything, and as long as you’re cleaning it right away, it’s really not bad to clean at all. The juice doesn’t separate like it would with a centrifigal juicer.


I want somebody with a slow hand juicing.

The warranty for the comparable Omega (10 year all-inclusive)appears to have many exclusions such as ‘consumables’ vs the Hurom warranty is 10 year motor and 1 year parts but with none of the weird exclusions in the Omega one.
According to one of the videos these are identical other than a few cosmetic differences (handle, color). Price is almost identical as well. The Woot price is not spectacular, but I am guessing it is about as low as it gets for a while on these within about 50 bucks.

Have been thinking about upgrading to a masticating juicer for a few months now. Might have to buy this one…so tempting

Is the clean up that much worse than scooping out the pulp and scrubbing the screen on my current waring pro regular juicer?

Wait… You want to buy your silverware on WOOT? Amazon can probably do a better job for you in that department. I personally wish they would sell even more expensive goods that are heavily discounted. Im still sad that i missed the Automatic Jura Capresso.

Ever consider Home.Woot labrat? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a lower model, in white. While it may take some time to juice fresh vegi’s and fruits the reward is worth it.

Digestion starts by chewing, the more you chew your food the more easier it is for your body to digest that food. When you juice you are breaking down the fruits and vegi’s 100% meaning that you body can absorb the full amount nutrients allowing for your digestive system to rest. Doing a juice fast for 3-7 days is a healthy way to detox your body of heavy metals as well as clean the digestive track.