Hurricane Frances Bundle


Welcome to the Hurricane Frances Bundle topic for Friday September 3rd 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Hurricane Frances Bundle here.


Official Woot Price: $39.99






ok, so by the time it actually gets to them in florida, they won’t have any power with which to charge the damn thing anyways,. I hope woot will charge it for them. :slight_smile:

i might have the first post


Well… at least there is tomorrow night’s woot.


Those who will need it in Florida had better order before their power, phone and internet goes down!


First saw it and I thoughtt the Light was attached to the vaccum. I was like “WTF?” :smiley:


Good luck to those in Florida. I’ll take my 70-100 inches of snow a year in Sunny Buffalo, NY.


As a Floridian, I may need this

but will it ship in time??!? :shock:


Kinda useless to west-coast dwellers


Very socially conscious of you, Woot! :smiley:


This is tomarrow night’s woo


:lol:, you (we) wish


my pay is deposited at noon. ill buy 1 if they’re still available


this deal is interesting
will jump if i am in FL… :wink:


First Post!
EDIT: I had hoped for first but somehow this ended up in the printer forum. Fixing that delayed me quite a bit.

Good idea — donations… But this bundle is completely unneeded by me.


cya tomorrow!
EDIT: I mean cya in a few days…


w00t! :shock:


where is wootbot?


what, so one vacuum wasn’t enough of a slap in the face? This is such shit upon shit. Woot’s shittiest lineup ever. What’s next? A fuckin’ toaster?

All ranting aside, I like the donation idea, but um, maybe you should accept donations on SOMETHING THAT SELLS next time.