Hurricane Support


Any Hurricane Katrina or Rita photos? Please post them and the stories that go with them. I think continued support of each other is helpful.:slight_smile:


My experience with Rita has more to do with inconveinence than loss. Since Katrina was so bad and the weather gurus kept saying we could expect everything south of the 610 loop to be under water, we decided to evacuate. My sister’s family left on a Wednesday and drove to Nachodoches in 6 hours. It usually takes 3 hours. My family made the same trip. We left around 4 a.m. with a large bottle of water for each person in the car some pb&j sandwiches and a few bags of chips. I was lucky enough to gas up my car the night before, since all the gas stations were sold out. We were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for the next 26 hours. I set a new personal best for not peeing for 21 hours, and not sleeping for 36. (I slept very little trying to get everything ready befor we left.) Stayed up at my mom’s for 3 days without ac or electicity. Turned out they got hit harder up there than we would have had we stayed home! But the evacuation was the scariest. People were running out of gas, food, and water. Every store between Houston and Lufkin was closed. We refilled our water bottles in Livingston at an outside water vending machine. To conserve gas, I kept the a/c off most of the time and the windows down. Here are some pictures of the traffic.