Hurts, Donut?

He might want a doctor to take a look at the head-oozing. I think stitches might be in order.

har har har! What a knee slapper…

I was gonna have a jelly donut for breakfast. Now I’m not so sure…

Why is there no hole in the center of the donut?

I wonder why he looks so sad. Did somebody just call him a cream puff?

28 Days Later, eh?

This shirt needs a theme song then.

So when I lick that delicious jam out of the donut, I’m actually sucking out its blood? Am I… a donut vampire?!

Homer Simpson approved.

It’s the sheriff from Walking Dead.

Poor little guy probably got beat up by the maple bars on the rack above him.

I Detect a Walking Dead reference!

I think wearing this shirt is a guarantee to have your arms covered in bruises by the end of the day haha.

Reminder to any Woot Off guests: Shirt.Woot offers more designs on the Reckoning, where only the strong survive:

poor guy! he looks like he’s not filling so grape. <=b

I dunno, I think it looks more like a jelly pancake than a jelly donut.

Reminds me of Donut Panic.

Children will never eat jelly donuts again after seeing this shirt!

Poor thing, this is why you don’t put jelly donuts and bear claws in the same box.

Grape Jelly…the new O negative blood.