Hurts, Donut?

Finally… a Karl Pilkington t-shirt. I’m buying 3.

“that’s our spacesick!”

nice one, dude!

Visions of my childhood of me stomping on people’s feet proclaiming “Hurts don’t it?!” have suddenly come back to haunt me. God I was an awful kid.

Shurts donut.

Its totally an AMC’s Walking Dead reference! …I mean…, you are what you eat right? Cops = Donuts?

i thought this was a grapefruit at first…

I know what he’s really sad about - his grape jelly IV stand only has 2 wheels. And his arms are too short to use crutches.

Oh wait, now I get it! It’s one of those “games” kids play to torture each other on the playground. In my day we didn’t have donuts, we just played “Punch-Buggy”.

ah, I love a good pun, especially joined with fun and cartoony art, although the donut does look like he could pass for a burger bun in a dark alley.

do you work for woot?

For April Fool’s, my buddy sucked all the jelly out of donut, and then filled it back up with ketchup.

Sounds delicious.

The donut is sad because he looks like an uncrustable! It’s like a haploid peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It hurts to liiiiiiveeeee

Interesting that this isn’t in a box on the main shirt.woot page. Maybe there isn’t going to be a reckoning sale today??? Possibly a multi-day woot-off?

Thought it was an injured bowling ball at first.

Anything + Zombies = Awesomeness

Does the pressure from overfilling a jelly donut force peanut butter out?

This shirt is surprisingly sadistic.

At first I thought it was an injured blood orange getting a transfusion!

This is friggin awesome. Got one for the GF who I constantly bug by asking if she wants a hurts donut. Childish? Yes. Hilarious? Yes!

Some days the acid is better than others.