Husky Lock-Back Utility Knives (3-Pack)

Husky Lock-Back Utility Knives (3-Pack)

These are at HD currently for $19 so not as good of a price as the ad let’s on 51% off.

2-pack at HD for $10.88

You all should stop at Home Depot for me, purchase them and deliver them free to me. I will pay you only for the purchase price. That way I do not need to pay for the $8 in gas it would cost me to do it myself.

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Well excuse us for trying to be helpful to others that DO live near a HD. Sheesh.

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The post you are criticizing is primarily complaining about the fictitious markdowns on Woot. Way to completely ignore that and launch a criticism of brick and mortar. lol

I wasn’t complaining or criticizing. I was looking for some help like he was giving everyone else.

I feel your pain im 50 miles from anything but Walmart of course. But thats not a even an ok price. Seems woots been hit and miss with prices lately.