Hydrate or Migrate (Please Don't Migrate)

The Embark bottles look like a great deal. Do they hold up while out and about?

I got the Stanley 16 oz vacuum bottle last time it was available. It is pretty good and holds it’s warmth for hours. Not sure I tested the full six hours, but at least four and it was still hot enough that I was glad it wasn’t any hotter. No leakage either yet, but I’ve only used it half a dozen times or so. I would use it even more if I could get up early enough to make something in it in the first place. But coffee is a new habit to me so I am still not in that routine.

But it would be really useful. I could make 2 cups, keep one warm in here, and have the other in my travel mug for the drive to work. Or 3 days a week I have to go to the hospital on my way to work for a little 5 minute treatment session. It would be a tad cumbersome to carry a travel mug around for this, so I could use this, leave it in the car, and have a nice hot cup ready after the appointment where using a travel mug would lose too much heat.

The thing to remember is it is solely for personal use at 16 oz. People are (or at least I was) used to thinking of these vacuum bottles in a larger sense for sharing at the ski lodge or having multiple cups throughout the day. But this is more like a 1-shot. Still useful, just in different situations. I use it mainly to have something hot and homemade when I get to work.

can the lifeline bottle be used for hot beverages? cant find the answer anywhere. or should I just go with the Stanley?

I bought two of the Lifeline bottles last time and they are GREAT for keeping cold drinks cold. I believe it was answered last time that the Lifeline bottles can be used for hot fluids.

The Stanley 16 oz vacuum bottle keeps cold drinks cold for a VERY long time, even in hot weather. Had one sitting in a hot car for a couple of hours and it was still cold when I got back to the car! Very impressed.

RE: High Sierra Sports Solo lumbar pack, featuring a 500ml (16-ounce) GE Lexan® shatter-resistant bottle.

They don’t say if the bottle is BPA free.
Amazon reviews on another of their packs states that they used to have BPA but switched them out to non BPA.
Wondering if this woot sale price is to get rid of left over BPA bottles ?
Am assuming that they want repeat customers and do not wish to poison them. so probably no BPA??

Then again…
It is kinda small for my use anyways…

I apologize this was not in the description. Thank you for pointing it out! The Tritan Bottle is BPA free. I will add this to the description.

Does anyone know if the Embark bottles fit in a bike bottle cage? It says in the description they are good for biking, but at 32 oz I am a bit suspicious. And the picture of someone drinking out of one makes them look a bit too large, but I really want them to be able to fit!

The specs on the lifeline bottle don’t list any dimensions.

Must be too difficut to find a tape measure?

Is the interior plastic or Stainless? No pics.

Anyone know?

Good news, we found a tape measure!

Lined with stainless.  9” tall x 3” diameter

“Perfect for double fistin’.”

I had to read that three times to make sure i read that right. Holy hell I don’t know how you guys get away with these things sometimes

Question on the High Sierra Solo Pack… will it hold two water bottles?

I have been wanting one, but need two bottles.

Does anyone at Woot play disc golf? Could you see if the High Sierra Sports Solo or Envoy packs can fit disc golf discs? They look like they would be a really good fit for my purposes, and the price sure is great.

If you can do this, that would just be massively helpful.

Can the High Sierra Sports Solo Lumbar Pack hold a bottle that is 32 oz?

What about a bladder and the tubing for that?

The Stanley stainless, with no liner sounds dangerous for hot liquids? I love stainless but for hot stuff needs to be lined. I love the Stanley cup i use at work. I still have ice in it the next morning