Hydration Station

Bike Rig, Bike Rig, we all scream for Bike Rig! (The Geigerrig Bike Rig)

Purchased a set of the blue and orange Gaiam bottles. They arrived today.
All was in good shape, they look like they are well constructed. They went through the dishwasher without any issues; I really like the level to which they come apart. You can get everything apart so there’s a lot less chance of mold or ickyness building up.
Overall, pleased so far! We’ll see how they hold up to continued use.

I am assuming these are not insulated at all? I love the idea of metal water bottles but hate the excessive sweating you get when you put in cold water. I’m not a warm water fan.

Geigerrig’s are really in a class of their own. The statements are true that you drink so much more water and stay hydrated because it is easier to drink while active and the water squirts in your mouth instead of sucking on a tube.

I love my 1200 (not sold here) for hiking and sharing the water supply with my dog since he will come to me when he is thirsty and i can squirt it in his mouth. Kind of like waterboarding your dog, which is fun!

Between the Camelback packs that I already own and the Kelty backpack that I purchased here, I have plenty of packs. What I need is the hydration bladders. It looks like the Guy-grr-rig bladders are well liked by reviewers http://www.outdoorgearlab.com/Hydration-Bladder-Reviews/Geigerrig-Hydration-Engine, can we get somma them?

agree. we need the bladders!