Hydrofarm Accessories

How crappy is the Indonesian Bat Guano when its 11 lb bag costs the same as its 2 lb bag, unlike the Jamaican Bat Guano? That said, the 25 lb bucket of the Jamaican Bat Guano costs half as much as its 2 lb bag.

What the hell is going on?

Bought this crap so I could sell it on eBay!

My goodness! These prices are bat-$h!t insane!

Aw! I dilly dallied and the Jamaican bucket of crap is sold out. Well, I’ll see how the Indonesian stuff is. I’m sure my mailman will appreciate all the crap he delivers to me.

Hey! - I just had the Indonesian Bat Guano in my cart and the price jumped to $51.99 per bucket! I took too long to hit the buy it now button :frowning:

Original price listed must have been in error. When I clicked the price on the 30lb bucket jumped from 3.99 to over 50. Too good to be true…

Yeah. I noticed it right after I left my post. Whew! I got my purchase in just in time.

Crap! The price changed on me too. I wasted too much time fantasizing about how lush my lawn was going to look with this great fertilizer that cost next to nothing. Next thing I know it doesn’t cost next to nothing anymore. Boo on you, Woot!

Hydro Organics HOH37400 Hydro Spice Grow “.75 lb. $79.99” and the Specs show “Weight (Pounds): 0.86”? That’s an awfully high price for 3/4 lbs. when 5 lbs. is only $27.99. Does someone need a lesson in decimal points?

Imagine the poor soul who has to fill these buckets for a living…

Hey all. We had some pricing errors this morning that we’ve now corrected.

We will honor the earlier pricing so some of you lucky dogs got cheap sh****it… literally.

I was thinking the very same thing!

Hey, Woot is literally selling a BOC!

If you use bat crap will it bring bats to your plants so they can crap some more?

Is this better than regular guano? Me and my cats are producing them everyday and am wondering if I am just flushing money down the toilet?

Depends. Do dung beetles process (eat and re-poop) the guano you and your cats produce? If so, then yes, you are flushing money away. Without the processing, poop is too acidic for anything other than a compost pile.

Back in the olden days we used dirt and it was free and we liked it.

Is it certified Ebola Free… I am allergic to Ebola.

Does the the bat crap come in a Ebola Free version?