Hydroslide 55" Comfort Top Towable

Price drop alert: They were $13 more on a previous Plus Sale

$29.99 tonight
$74.86 at product webpage
Walmart $71.99 via Wayfair

Anyone have one of these? I don’t see any reviews? In for one to pull behind the jet ski, we will see how it holds up.

I am wanting this too… Its a great price for a capable… But I want to know what the top feels like… No reviews is frustrating

I’m thinking that for $30 I’ll go ahead and give it a shot. If nothing else it will make a nice surprise for the kids. And if it gets offered on here again then I’ll be sure to post a review.

Im new to this and i dont know where to review but ill just do it here for you. First off, it has rubbber handles which SUCK. DO NOT BUY IF YOU DONT LIKE HARD UNCOMFORTABLE HANDLES. if you do, then go ahead and buy. Another very important factor is that the rope connection is underneath the tube to it does submarine alot and pull you underwater. This is very annoying. A plus though is that the top is very comfortable but the shitty connection and handles make it not worth it. I only baught it cause it was cheap, but if i were you i would spring for a 80-110 flat tube or better known brand name tube

JUNK…don’t waste your money. We bought 2 and out of the box 1 wouldn’t even hold air. We tried to contact the manufacture and they won’t reply. Very cheap product!