HydroSlide Floaters

I would probably put some sort of frozen concoction in the cooler part and provide cups with lids/straws to my guests. Sure, everyone assumes I should put beer in those holders. But, who wants chlorine in their barley and hops?

“My beer won’t be in there long enough to get pool water splashed it!” Then this floating cooler is not for you. :wink:

You could always get those plastic snap on things that turn cans into bottles from the tv commercial. Or the coors light resealable pint (inb4 not real beer blah blah blah).

Also, I wish the flag ones were in the bundle.

since it’s 117 degrees in vegas, the only thing this would do, would be float a melted conconction around the pool… margarita soup anyone?

These are great for tying up to the boat when anchored and floating in the lake. It’s time to replace our current one, different brand, and this looks like it’ll do the trick!