Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, 100 Count


Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, 100 Count
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GNC reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) says “that’s good stuff” and Bodybuilding.com deemed this “excellent”


Let’s watch a review [youtube=REEVrX6VnzA][/youtube]

More info and reviews from Muscletech

I LOVE this stuff. It does really give a great boost to a regular healthy and clean diet and exercise routine.

However! This does not work if you continue to eat massive amounts of bacon jam and be sedentary.

Before, you were happy because you were eating massive quantities of bacon jam. Now, after hydroxycut, you’re jittery, hyper, sweating, and uncomfortable in your bacon jam coma.

Always been curious about this stuff. Unfortunately, it is cheaper at Rakuten. They have it for $19.99 with free shipping plus 20 Rakuten points, making it over 3 dollars cheaper for 1 bottle. Not to mention tax if applicable (1.90 for 1 bottle from woot, none from Rakuten). :

(The picture is of the older bottle but the product is the same)

A few years back, the major active ingredient in Hydroxycut was Ephedra…When it was outlawed, they went off the market for a while and suddenly were back…I wonder what they are now using for the active ingredient…I suspect they just loaded it up with (other than Caffeine), Guarana, Taurine or the like…Anecdotes aside, It has never made any claims that would have to be proven to the FDA…If you want coffee extract, you can get it a lot cheaper than this…same for the caffeine…You will notice that there is no link to the “studies” they reference, and if you Google them, you will not find any that have been either peer reviewed or published in any reputable journal…Save your money… Sorry to be a buzz-kill, but about all you will get out of this is a little buzz…(from the caffeine)


Hydroxycut hepatotoxicity: A case series and review of liver toxicity from herbal weight loss supplements


Dietary supplements represent an increasingly common source of drug-induced liver injury. Hydroxycut is a popular weight loss supplement which has previously been linked to hepatotoxicity, although the individual chemical components underlying liver injury remain poorly understood. We report two cases of acute hepatitis in the setting of Hydroxycut exposure and describe possible mechanisms of liver injury. We also comprehensively review and summarize the existing literature on commonly used weight loss supplements, and their individual components which have demonstrated potential for liver toxicity. An increased effort to screen for and educate patients and physicians about supplement-associated hepatotoxicity is warranted.

Sage advice: check with your doctor before taking any sort of “enhancement” supplements. My boyfriend unknowingly had high blood pressure and took a similar supplement and let’s just say things got scary bad. His situation was special but you never know…

Also, you can’t take this stuff without exercising and expect it to work. A lot of the energy you have could also be channeled into aggression and annoyance if it’s not released properly (basically as a response to being uncomfortable in your own skin/jittery). Feeling angry? Go for a run!

I went to my doctor (my weight was up by 45 lbs and my labs looked awful). She suggested taking Phentermine. Hesitant at first, I declined. After no success on keeping my cake hole shut on my own, I threw up the white flag. I didn’t take the full dose. Started at 15mg and increased to 18.75mg. 40 lbs gone in 5 months! I am keeping it off, and take it once in a while if I gain a few back and need to get back on track. No jitters, no insomnia. In other words, do this under a doctor’s care, not off a sale on a supplement that may make you sick!

To be quite honest, Hydroxycut was only effective during the Ephedra days. That said, Ephedra was like a ticking time bomb for some people, and based on that most people are glad that is gone from the market.

A lot can be said for fat burners. Some positive and some negative. For me, it basically boils down to the type of workout, rest periods in between workouts, plenty of sleep to recuperate and most important of all your diet and water intake.

I did experience good results with other products, but I truly couldn’t tell you if those results were based on the intense 1 hour of cardio per day plus 1 hour of weight training per day alone or with the help of the fat burner.

Hence the question if these fat burners are accomplishing anything. I guess a vast study of sedentary vs non sedentary groups taking Hydroxycut or other fat burner would have to be performed by a reputable body.

Even if we take the statement from the review video above, one would have to question what exercise, intensity, diet, etc were taking place during the time that he was taking the other fat burners and supplements that are mentioned in the review.

The FDA doesn’t endorse and hasn’t attributed any fat losing properties to this product. Although, I must say that I do take what the FDA states with a grain of salt.

In the end, I encourage everyone to train as hard and as clean as possible. Exercise your butt off at first, once you see the gains and you hit a plateau, then change your routine. Only then, if you want to try a fat burner do so and monitor your results not changing your activity. That would be the best way to determine whether a supplement works or not.

I use this is the equivalent of a low-calorie energy drink and they work pretty well. Pop one on an empty stomach for a stronger effect, pop one after lunch to stretch it out all afternoon.

The 100 count bottles sell for $37.98 at BodyBuilding.com…so looks like a great deal to me!

From the directions: “Avoid snacking, and drink 10 glasses of water each day. For best results, use in combination with diet and training.”

If you follow the directions, it will work even if you don’t take it. Amazing.

Look up a few comments to mine. It’s cheaper at Rakuten. (19.99 with free shipping and no tax for me atleast. http://m.rakuten.com/product/250350384?listingid=322141432&adid=18170

While it’s true that Ephedra was the only non-placebo ingredient in this stuff, it was bad for only a very small percentage of the population.

Ephedra is still easy to get in Mexico and Canada, and I don’t see people dropping like flies. Fen-Phen killed a few people who already had heart problems, so the FDA punished everyone else and took Ephedra off the market.

I can’t imagine what you’re basing your conclusion that “most people are glad it’s off the market” comment. Most people don’t know because they’ve never heard of Ephedra, and most people who DO care want it back – so now we go to Canada or Mexico for it.

I discussed this in a previous Woot but it’s worth repeating. Hydroxycut is a scam. The old ephedra version had minimal effect but the current caffeine-based formulation is a placebo, at best.

  1. There is no convincing evidence that caffeine promotes weight loss or metabolism. Google it, making sure the site is objective and scientific, i,e. WebMD. If you want the added energy given by caffeine, buy some caffeine pills or drink coffee. The latter has additional chemicals shown to improve cardiac health, memory, diabetes, etc.

  2. None of the other ingredients have been proven to be effective in well-controlled peer-reviewed studies.

  3. Even if the ingredients have been shown to work, neither Hydroxycut nor anyone else has studied how they work in combination. Like so many scam “nutriceuticals,” they simply mix ingredients together without regard to whether they’re agonists (enhance each other), antagonists (work against each other – which may happen if they compete for the same receptors), etc.

  4. The Description states, " Subjects taking the key ingredient (green coffee extract [C. canephora robusta]) lost 10.95 lbs. in 60 days with a low-calorie diet and 3.7 lbs. in an 8-week study with a calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise." That’s far from impressive. A standard low calorie diet, such as the one from The American Heart Association, should result in a weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week. How are the above results an improvement? Losing 3.7 lbs in 8 weeks with diet AND exercise is not exactly amazing. In fact, it’s discouraging.

  5. Watch the commercials. Why do the BEFORE photos show the models in bikinis but the AFTER photos have them clothed??? If their bodies improved after Hydroxycut, shouldn’t they show more skin afterwards??? This is true of all their current models. Even more misleading are the men. They end up with 6-packs after Hydroxycut! That is impossible. While drugs can cause weight loss, they won’t tone your muscles. That can only happen with intense workouts. Bottom line: All the people in their ads dieted AND exercised AND were paid as an incentive to lose weight. There is no proof that Hydroxycut contributed to the weight loss (other than the financial incentive!) And even then, the ads admit that their results were atypical.

Also note that the fine print doesn’t state that their “study” was blinded. In other words, those on Hydroxycut knew they were on it and those on placebo knew they were taking a dummy pill. Not good. Furthermore, those on Hydroxycut were probably told that they’d qualify to be in an ad, providing an added incentive.

Lastly, the fact that their YouTube channel has disabled Comments speaks volumes…