Hype it Up



On those $35 headphones:
" Talk Time: Up to 22.5 hours
Listening Time: Up to 16 hours"

That’s interesting.


We just double checked the specs we were given and that’s what they say. Go figure.



Despite its size, it promises to provide stereo sound quality

Why does this not fill me with anticipation?

Do you guys even check products out before selling it any more?


Here are those earbuds on amazon, not “hype” brand but look identical. Decent reviews(4 stars), and $35.




I would really like to know the space availability of the water-resistant speaker cup things. I have a Motorola Electrify in an Otterbox that I would like to put inside it if they fit? --CK


psychic woot bosses…you frighten me. im in for two. damn your mind reading ways. (and by damning i really mean thank you cause i can barely make sense of them myself)


What TheCK said: I’d like to know the dimensions of the largest device that can fit into the waterproof stereo speaker. I already have a waterproof speaker that doesn’t fit my current phone so I don’t need another.


Curious as well. I searched for it and couldn’t find anything on this product, oddly. I was looking to replace our well-loved but beat to heck Ecoxgear case. A lot more expensive, but it’s practically bullet proof. It was overkill for a shower speaker, but the sound was great. The latches on it have finally broken after 3 years of heavy use and more falls down the stairs than I can count.


“Talk Time” implies the Hands Free Profile while “Listening Time” uses the higher bandwidth A2DP profile:


The Soundlogic Bluetooth XL Sound Box looks just like the Hype Hi-Fi offered here; the 6 Amazon reviews give the Soundlogic XL an average 2.5 out of 5 stars.


Debating this.

Have tried wireless, Bluetooth sets from 2 different companies already and they were garbage.

Hope these ones do the trick.


I literally just returned from FYE with the One Touch headphones and then I checked Woot. I actually got them for less in the store with tax included.

They feel pretty comfortable and light. The sound isn’t as dynamic and the headphones they are replacing. The high are missing a bit and it is very deep in the midrange.

I can’t speak to the battery life just yet but out of the box they have a charge in them.

They can only be paired with 1 device at a time.

I’m only using them for audio purposes so I can’t comment on their sound quality but they did pair fine with my GS3 with no problem. And though they aren’t noise canceling, I use them to reduce the sound around the office and they do a fair job doing that when no audio is present. There is no hiss or hum.

The only real problem so far is the bright blue light on the right ear. Thankfully the door to my cube is on my left so no one is bother by its flashing and brightness.


I would love to hear about your s_e_x life - if you have a shower speaker that keeps ending up falling down stairs that sounds awesome!


If this is anything comparable to a Jawbone Jambox then that’s a fantastic deal.