HyperChiller HC2 Coffee/Beverage Cooler, Set of 2

HyperChiller HC2 Coffee/Beverage Cooler, Set of 2

Sorry I like the Chemical Gel, it’s CHEEPER!!

so it takes hours to make cold brew in the fridge, but only a minute to chill coffee in the hyperchiller…after you freeze it for 6-12 hours?

Yes, it divorces your beverage from the cooling act. So you transfer time that you have abundance for in exchange for time that you need cooling right away. In a completely stretched metaphorical way, it’s kind of like a Tesla. You still need energy but you’ve divorced the need for energy at your wheels from the production of said energy.


not really…making cold brew divorces your beverage from the heating act. the time required is exactly same as you have to prepare your beverage 12 hours in advance. I would dare say you save your “short” morning time and exchange it for your abundant evening time…when you can put grounds and water in a pot and stick them in the fridge to steep.
in the morning you simply pour it over ice and add milk. as opposed to performing the brewing task in the morning and pouring it into a chiller(which you then have to clean before putting back in the freezer). cold brew is also typically brewed in a container that makes 3 servings.
I can make my wife and I two cold-brews in one minute in the morning. Using this process would be at least 10 mins…and I need dedicated space in my freezer for two of these chillers.

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Yes it seems there is a mix-up of “cold brew” vs “iced coffee”

It is kind of like the difference between “cold roast beef” and “steak tartare”
One has been cooked, the other hasn’t. Even though both are served cold.


Yes, in the video they conflate these two methods, citing the drawback to cold brew is the length of time to brew…cold brew makes a far superior cold beverage vs chilled drip/hot -brewed coffee.