Hyundai 18v Cordless Drill

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Hyundai 18v Cordless Drill
$15.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Hyundai 18v Cordless Drill - HHI-PPLED-1

comparison engine links you say?.. useful linkage blog has them… and with kind regards to woot!, please keep up the funnies… loving the commentary lately…

cool. ive got a lot of projects around the house this summer. im in for one!

Cheapest drill I’ve ever seen… ever

This will make an excellent fathers day present

Don’t need one. How is Hyundai anyway?

This probably has the same motor they use in their small cars.

This is a great price for 18v

I’m not sure about a Hyundai anything. Bad cars also. I’m a DeWalt guy here, or craftsman.

Anyone happen to use this brand of power tools ?

don’t they make cars ?

Got one, our schools’ Resnet seems to need one of these puppies.

Gurren-Lagann! Spin on!

Just who do you think I am?

Too bad my dad has like the exact same one :frowning:

Last cheap drill i had broke in half. No thanks. Ok maybe just one.

never waste money on cheap tools

hyundai makes cordless drills? i didn’t know that…

how does it compare to a makita or a black and decker??? has anyone ever used a hyundai drill? how does it compare to craftsman??

Does it come with a 10 year/100,000 warranty??

Is it made in Korea or is it made in China (like so many others including Japanese-pwned Makitas)?

I have an older one and a new one. So sad I don’t need a third electric drill. I can’t find enough uses for one yet.