Hyundai 19.2V Cordless Drill with 2 Batteries

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Hyundai 19.2V Cordless Drill with 2 Batteries
$12.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Hyundai HHI-2BHD-5 19.2volt Cordless Drill w/2 Batteries

this is not bad for a drill??? cordless ones seem to have less rpms though, maybe they make up for it in torque though?

Why not. I was in the market. It is a great price. It is a buy. Was I first to buy?

If it wasnt for the shipping it would be a good deal.

Does it come in a case???

I’ve been wondering when this would show up ever since the wootoff mixup. In for 2, if it lasts. That’s a heck of a price, if it’s at least an O K model. The batteries alone go for more than that.

Dual speed means fast and slow, not variable speed.

At work… I use DeWalt 18.2… But for this price… Great Gifts… A Good Woot, I believe. Good Luck and Good Night everyone.

Dad, if you’re reading this, you already know what you’re getting for xmas. Mom, you don’t be touchin this, K?

Boy this came along just in time, I just sold my last drill set for 40 bucks and now I get 3 new drill sets for $43.97, cant beat that, and 2 batteries, you know how much a battery cost you? Well let me tell you, they arent cheap, better buy 3, they make good X-Mas gifts. LMAO

I have a Ryobi drill from home depot that is probably of similar quality. I think it was 35$ so this is a good deal. It has enough power for anything I have ever needed as long as the battery is charged. Just remember to charge the spare while you use it, you’ll be fine.

Is this fixed or variable RPM?

Sold out already? What is the deal?

not bad again… well, maybe bad… but not horrible… here’s the useful comparison comparison shopping linkage… some one will like this woot… i know it.

hehe… j/k… you know i love you sellout.woot…

i got denied… that was quick

Look at the “close up” picture. (answer: Yes)

What the hell!! 3 minutes and its sold out already! I wanted one :frowning:

Sold out while i was debating damn

wow sold out so fast thats a new record