Hyundai 19” LED Backlit Monitor

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Hyundai 19" LED Backlit Monitor
$74.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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No way! I want a frontlit monitor!

will it work with my sonata?

Will this fit in my Santa Fe?

Are their monitors less cornucopia than their cars?

hmmm will this fit the hp i bought earlier without the monitor??? lol

Looking for a LED monitor, but needs to be larger then this.

Does this come with a 10-year powertrain warranty?

Last month’s discussion about this same monitor.

wait! Wasn’t there a computer here 2 seconds ago?!

It only had 1 in stock. Someone bought it in 20 seconds.

They took the Dell and made it better. Now it’s just a monitor

10 year /100,000 mile warranty?

lol they are trying to make it look “appetizing” with fake foods on the monitor lol

I can’t believe they discontinued the Baja but continue making this.

Oh, wait, the Baja was Subaru.

You would think I’d just delete this post then.

But I won’t.

'Cause I’m needy that way.

Probably once you’ve dragged it down the road a few miles, the warranty will be void.

Selling for about $115 plus shipping on Ebay, so this is a pretty good deal.

Ba-Dum Ching!
Try the veal…

Seriously that is the best comment ever!

It’s listed, but out of stock, on tigerdirect.

Remember, it’s VGA and DVI connectors, not HDMI.

Also, it gets 4/5 stars from retrevo (9 reviews):