I'll Form the Head

Now that’s what I call a gamebot!

Monster misbehaving
Planet’s needing saving
Situation’s grave and
I’ll form the head
The enemy is clever
We’re smaller but whatever
When we put it together
I’ll form the head
Y’all can do the treading
Swing energy machete
If combination’s ready
I’ll form the head
I’ll form the head
I’ll form the head

Spiritgreen always puts such personality into his creations

Finally the Nintenbot is complete!

Click this to see a BIG version!:

  1. NES, 2. SNES, 3. N64, 4. Gamecube, 5. Wii, 6. Wii U, 7. Switch

Damn if that tune isn’t catchy. Congrats on the print, Spiritgreen!

Cool shirt, love Voltron, but Nintendo is on my crap list right now. Honestly, could they have blown the NES Classic launch any worse?

Thanks guys!

Yes, it sucks the Classic has been discontinued with so much demand left on the table. I’m guessing that with NES and SNES games coming to Switch with online multiplayer, they want all the focus to be on its new Virtual Console. Looking to E3 for those details…

I love the symbolism here, how the older video game systems are the foundation for the bot, and the newer systems build chronologically upward from them.

getting excited for Mario Kart!!!