I'm a Linguist

Cats, kittens and tomcats, lend me your ears

I’ve come to bury this mouse, not to eat him

The evil that mice do lives after them

There is no good in mice

I can has t-zhirt?


Darn cheerful; love the curly beard effect. Much fun.

AHHH!!! SOOOO CUUUTTEEEE! Overwhelmed with cuteness! I’m so buying this for my husband.

I would be a linguist too, but cat got my tongue.

Hopefully the cat’s a linguist and not a physicist, or else he’ll be creating a lot of friction with that comment.

Cunning idea!

Et mu, Brute?

I was surprised that word didn’t show up sooner. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t get it. Shouldn’t a cow be saying “Mu”? Wouldn’t a cat say “μηοϜ”?

I’ve always heard μ pronounced like “meu” rather than as a shortened “moo”.

Yes, I’m a cunning linguist.

Someone had to say it.

Cute, clever and pro-toga party. What’s not to love?

Nice one Rad’, congrats!

Et tu, Cute?

Glad I wasn’t the only whose brain went there!

Typical English pronunciation is like “myu”. First thing I said to myself was “micro”.

How accurate, I named my own cat “μ”, as a play on words because She looks like a cow but says Myu.

Student: Does a cat have buddah nature?
Teacher: μ

I also thought “Micro?”

Me too. Too much time in the Chem labs.