I'm a Lumberjack

I sleep all night and I work all day…

He’s a lumber Jack and that’s okay. He sleeps all night and he works all day.

Exactly. Now here is a Monty Python reference to get you through the winter. Cue video.

Oh yes, yes, yes! :smiley: This is going to be one of the top ten all-time best. So freaking great! :smiley: Bravo!

Does it come with a free pair of high heels, suspenders and a bra?

Best shirt ever!!! I am going to buy one for my boss!!!

And I thought you were so butch.

I wonder how this will look with the pants on the shirt, above your actual pants. Might have to just not wear actual pants.

The pants ruin it. I never knew lumberjacks wore their pants so high.

It’s a cute concept and I love Monty Python, but to me it’s just easier and more effective to put on an actual plaid shirt and overalls if I wanted to dress like a lumberjack.

This shirt is perfect for those days that you aren’t putting on women’s clothing and hanging around in bars!


Oh Bevis! And I thought you were so rugged!

Man, if only they had the option of women’s fitted long sleeve shirts, I’d buy 3.

Or should I say:
GIRL, if only they had the option of women’s fitted long sleeve shirts…

Well. you get the idea.

In looking at the US map, Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada are all the dark blue of “lots of Wooters Wooting.” Oddly Idaho is pure white.

Maybe they don’t have internet yet in Idaho?

The long sleeve Tees are made in USA.
Could this mean they are the now mythical AA blanks ?
Worth buying just to find out.

Plus this is a great shirt to wear when out on a Sasquatch hunting* expedition !

*camera only of course.

WOW! You would think they had some lumberjacks, on the western side of the country.

Idaho is an odd state, though.

It looks like it’s a geographic split, too.

Just wanted to say thank you to Woot for printing another one of my designs and of course a huge thank you to all the Wooters out there who inspire us Woot artists every day. Without your impeccable taste in pop-culture properties, I’d be out of work. Hope you all enjoy wearing my latest MP inspired shirt (with or without pants). Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Say no more.