I'm a Mess!

Quick! somebody! Help the poor thing get all his sides together!

Truth. But there might be help aka a solution. Very 80’s.

Nailed it

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You’d think that when someone wanted to design a Rubik’s cube shirt they would at least do some homework first for legitimacy.

The colors on the cube aren’t consistent at all. The center of each face of the cube is fixed and immovable save rotation and as such specific colors are always opposite each other. Yellow is opposite white, green is opposite blue, and red is opposite orange. Anyone who lived in the 80s or understands the cube will look at the shirt and see the error.

It’s akin to having a shirt with a paraphrased Shakespeare quote with typos.

Congrats on 1st walmazan! So cute and awesome:D

I lived through the 80s - the peak of middle and high school. I didn’t notice nor do I care. It’s a funny shirt.

This is so inaccurate!

Eyes? A mouth? Hands AND feet? Like ohemgee, have you NEVER seen a real Rubik’s Cube before? How DARE you?

This shirt is a MESS!!!


Designer must not have an actual cube. White and yellow are opposite sides and could never be on the same corner piece. Same goes for orange/red and green/blue.

dang… Someone beat me to this while I was typing. :frowning:

Dear Massanda, I think it is possible.

This is the real model:

And, I literally am a mess! Perfect shirt for me, who could never solve the Rubik’s Cube. I stooped to peeling stickers!

And, for narfcake who wants to know, this shirt is officially my 44th first sucker :wink: 50 is getting closer!~

I wonder where that cube is from. Not the color scheme I’m used to.

I think is from the 80’s

Congrats Wences! Great design!

Haha! =) Great shirt and “proof of concept” Walmazan! Congrats on the win. I look forward to picking this one up.

Looks like the cube Bed Bath and Beyond was selling around Christmas time last year. And yes I’m aware I have a Rubik’s problem…

Oooh, I really like that color scheme. Do you know where I could acquire that sort of cube?

Congrats I love this design :slight_smile:

I hear that the Amazon.com sells such things. Never been there myself though. I don’t like to travel much.

This response gets my money. First woot.shirt in months.