I'm on a Roll!

Okay, I’ll say it, very punny.

Can’t beat a cute woot food fun pun : )

Oh my gosh to funny. I love it :slight_smile:

The roll itself seems rather unimpressed. Perhaps it’s heard butter and is bready to be done with it.

I laughed a little inside.

It’s so cute I want to shove it in my mouth and eat it.

That roll does not seem as impressed as I am.

Okay, I totally laughed aloud at this. Nice Job Ochopika!

Merry Christmas everybody!

I will never forget you, butter!!!

I’m just lovin’ Ochopika; thx for so many happy , cute shirts!!! ‘Specially "makin’ biscuits" oh what a sequel!!!

Another outfit for Pajama boy.

Aww-www! What a happy shirt.

.‘Merry Christmas’.

Merry Christmas!!!

…cute design ocho!

Can anyone tell me what the totes are like? Are they nice canvas type?

And a minute later, the pat of butter goes “I’m melting!” …

Congrats, Ocho! One of these days, shirt.woot will recognize that you’re in Seattle now. Maybe they ought to just hire you(*) … :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas!

(* - Might have a bias, what with 10 different Ocho designs plus duplicates/triplicates/etc. from two different shirt sites.)

The totes are a cotton canvas and pretty sturdy, albeit not that big for say a reusable grocery bag. Think (2) 2-liter bottles, side by side. They work great for books.

Thank you guys and gals, and merry christmas+happy holidays! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Narf! As you read, I need to get better equipment for window washing before they hire me tho.

Thanks, that’s about the size I like. Ordered one, have been waiting for a cute pic to get a tote with.

Think of the butter as a Salmon-marginally.