I'm Quarky



Hmmm… needs some ferengi ears.


Congratscongrats Bootsboots!


>“I’m quarky”
>Boron atom

I get it…


Woah, woot writers. Props on that write up. Somebody paid attention in science class.

Darn it! Why’d this have to print!? Now it’s another shirt that I really want but I keep telling myself I shouldn’t buy/don’t need as my mouse button lingers over that stupidly large button.


Wow, I am also impressed with the write up… science and everything! Unfortunately I am sad this is in brown, for some reason it just isn’t working for me - black would be an easy sell.


Great gift for my sister the theoretical particle physicist. She is definitely quarky!


Yes! I was hoping this would grab a spot. I find it weirdly cheerful. And because it’s fun, let’s list the quark flavors: “up, down, strange, charm, bottom, and top”. And on a night with a fuller moon, I might have used them all in a descriptive sentence ; )


Holy smoke! I’ve got a hadron for this shirt!


I enjoyed your write-up. It was interesting and thought-provoking. Write-ups need not be funny all the time; we’d just end up with a pablum of nonsense (:cough: HP 17.3" Dual-Core Laptop Pie :cough:), which might get a laugh, but don’t necessarily inspire that satisfying feeling of cerebral nourishment.

Bottom line, I enjoy the thoughtfulness and welcome deeper essays in the future.

Natural partitions do occur in the form of quanta though.


Hmm… from the looks of it that one’s a Strange quark, unless you happen to like things with one big eye and one small one, in which case it could be a Charm(ing) quark. It’s all relative until you take a measurement (sorry, couldn’t resist).

And what are the things orbiting that Quark supposed to be? Gluons?

Erm, actually, just like this write up points out for its subject, a quantum is a human-defined partition, not a natural one (until we actually definitively find one).

Still, I agree with you. Thoughtful and deeper flavor text like the one for this shirt is a welcome break from the usual “humor” variety that we normally get.


Um, hi. I’m a PhD student in experimental particle physics. My research group works on the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. I’ve seen many clever science shirts here over the months, and resisted the temptation to buy, but this one is too perfect for me to pass up. Congratulations, BootsBoots, you’ve won my patronage! :smiley:


As to perpetual reduction, there’s always Planck length…


If it was the black that it looked, I would have done it. Alas, the color is off in the representation.


Ah, but perhaps by looking at the shirt YOU have changed its properties…


Wooo!! Congrats on taking first, Jamie!


Am I the only one who this shirt reminds of Chris Burke from life goes on? “Hi, I’m Corky.”


Congratulations BootsBoots!!!

im so glad this printed!


I lepton this right away.



Lil guy looks like he’s about to burst… Love this one Boots.