I've Got a Really Good Feeling About This!

I’d give my left ear to own one of those…

Nice job, Patrick!
How long until designs start appearing with the fresh-off-the-lot version of the Falcon from the new movie, I wonder.

Total ripoff of Van Gogh’s Starry Night but I do like the Aluminium Falcon…

Another classic from Patrickspens! Congrats on the win!

Cool work. And after all the drama, has Ron Howard made Solo a good Star Wars movie?

:announcer voice:

He had.

Amazing, PatrickSpens! I hope this one stays in the top 20 for the next year!

So beautiful, congrats!

maybe more of a homage :slight_smile:

Yeah, I suppose but I just don’t see what Star Wars has to do with Van Gogh?

This was so obviously the first place winner! I didn’t even bother finishing my design after seeing it.
Also, I’d like to welcome pupyluvr to shirt.woot. We dabble in popculture mashups here.

Starry Starry Night has stars…the Millennium Falcon flies through the stars. There is obviously a connection! :slight_smile:


as cool as outer space itself

Well done! Absolutely beautiful!

I can’t believe you managed all that in only 6 colours. Well done.

Damnit, Patrickspens, I told my wife I was done buying woot shirts for a while… but then you go and do this. :stuck_out_tongue:


there are lots of woot shirt designs that incorporate “starry night” in different ways, and most of them are quite clever and fun. i actually own a whole collection of them because i love art and geekery so much. just search for “starry” on the site and you’ll see some of the options…

I will step in and say, ‘well done, partrickspens!’. This design is really nice and is cool mashup!