I am become death, the destroyer of worlds

I really don’t know what this is.

I understand where the quote is from, but…what is this thing? How does it relate to…anything?


very cool design, I’m very tempted to buy right now…I’ll check my balance in the morning and decide then.

kudos on that comment

First sucker


Love this shirt

I totally got it, the art is awesome! Yeah!

Reminds me of Siegfried from Soul Calibur.

If you dont buy I shake a mighty Cobert fist at you!

For all we know he’s just two feet tall. Some size reference on the shirt (small animals, people, houses, planets, bugs) would be useful in determining how wise fighting him would be.

I’ve liked this design since its inception, so congrats on the print, deadfrog!

Pulled the trigger … the write-up sold me.

My name DOES end in -el, which, along with my black box, means I am better than everyone else. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully this one will see as much wear as one of my all-time favourite woot shirts, which also, ironically enough, has a bit of an angelic theme to it:


Maybe it’s a WOMAN?!?

Or he has cankles…

Why so emo?

in for 1…

ab so lutely!

I thought that was an elephant man at first.

My thoughts too, so I will pass on this.

So confused, I can’t even say.

Except, maybe…


I like it. IF only I didn’t already have 5641987137368 Navy blue t’s…

Easy decision for me. In for one.

Yoda is 2 feet tall. I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with him either. This dude is a freakin’ angel of DEATH. Typically, that shouts “do not fight!”

Nice, the person who made this shirt is 6 blocks north from where I live. Maybe I’ll run into him with the shirt on. In for 1

You know this guy is a destroyer of worlds when he’s made of PURE GOLD!